Too Many Emails
Ditch 'Best' and spice up your email life with a 'Cheers.'

As college students, we are always sending, receiving, and forwarding emails, from club advertisement blasts to recommendation requests. But what about the sign-off? Aren’t you tired of ending every message with a half-hearted “Best,” or an insincere “Sincerely,”? Don’t worry, we got you covered with this spicy list of creative sign-offs. Maybe your TF will actually respond next time.

With pleasure

This sign-off evokes different emotions, making your emails more intimate and pleasant. It’ll leave your reader with a warm, fuzzy feeling of appreciation.

Your comrade

Perhaps you’re feeling some solidarity with your recipient. In any case, use this sparingly: It should be reserved for close friends and believers in the proletariat.

Carpe diem

Although it is a cliched phrase, it’s almost never used in email endings. Latin for “seize the day,” this sign-off will present you as an intellectual who encourages others to live their best lives.

[insert inspirational quote]

Ending with a poetic quote or inspirational saying is certainly a hefty way to go out. Usually reserved for guidance counselors and motivational speakers, this ending will certainly be an eye-catcher.


For when you submit your essay to your TF via email by 5 p.m. on Friday. Alternatively, when addressing your borderline alcoholic peers, this sign-off works for any time of the day or week.

Let's catch a meal sometime

True Harvard style. Reserve this sign-off for people you don’t really want to see.

No sign-off

Sometimes leaving out the flair makes a bigger statement. Keep 'em guessing.

Carpe diem,