Belated Valentine's Day

So, it’s a week 'til February 14th, you’ve spent all your Christmas money on textbooks for the new semester, and you can’t really afford a fancy Valentine’s Day gift. Since the add-drop period is still in full swing, why not get rid of your fifth class and your significant other? If you’re among the rare contingent of people at this school who has willingly entered into a romantic commitment, here’s how you can end it before February 14th:

Use midterm season as an excuse

Professors use the word “midterm” with absolute liberty, so why shouldn’t you? Midterm season is coming up at some point in the next few months, and you’ll need a lot of time to study.

Say you need your own space

Literally. Snuggling in a twin bed is cute…until you have to get up the next morning after the worst sleep of your life.

Run off into the Barker Center

The doors are so heavy that they won’t try to follow you in.

Comp Flyby and let it take over your life

Who needs a SO when you have Flyby?