We ranked the mascots. We ranked the videos. And now, to give you one last chance to boast your House came out on top this Housing Week, we rank the Housing Day t-shirts.

1. Dunster

Honestly, this was hands-down the best. #SorryNotSorry but no one can top The Office (even though it was a gimme reference).

2. Adams

We’re suckers for the color scheme of this shirt. The degree of extra with not one, but two, Latin phrases could have made this shirt go either way in the ranking.

3. Winthrop

We appreciate the Drake reference on the back paired with the simplicity of the front.

4. Cabot

This was pretty good, even if no one outside of Cabot understands the pirate ship—what happened to the cod? Bonus points for being extra and offering three options for type of shirt.

5. Kirkland

Bragging about the only thing they have going for them—dogs—and we’re not mad.

6. Leverett

Honestly, this shirt is really simple, but really aesthetically pleasing with the bunny on top of one of the “T”s.

Mather Pride on Mass. Ave
Thank you Mather, we have all waited for Incredibles 2 far too long.

7. Mather

Thank you for getting us hyped for Incredibles 2—the wait has been way too long. Is Mather really incredible though? You tell us.

8. Eliot

Everyone wearing this shirt must’ve felt like they had an elephant sitting on their chests. Not comfy.

9. Quincy

We get it, penguins can’t fly. “Fly Quincy.” Please end this bit.

10. Lowell

We like the play on construction, but the phrase on the back was, well, not great.

11. Pfoho

Seltzer?? No one likes seltzer! Honestly we’re just mad because we initially thought this was a play on the Klondike logo and we have never been more disappointed to be wrong in our lives.

12. Currier

Your hats were better.