After countless hours of deliberating, arguing, and contemplating, Flyby has determined the Harvard Class of 2021’s best blocking group names. Take a look to see whose group made the cut.

Housing Day 2015
Let's hope 2021's blocking groups are as rowdy as their names imply—and as this guy.
2 Girls, 1 Fop

A spicy twist, indeed. That’s one lucky “fop.”

I Only Love My Block and My Mom

A wholesome message, and a Drake reference all in one.

The Minority Report

Good movie, good people (hopefully). Simple, but clever.

Lesbians in Ecstasy

Matter of fact. Seems like a fun group.

Reverend Parris and the Aluminum Panty Droppers from Mars

Truly original.

Slim Richard and the Infidels

Doesn't make much sense, but has a nice ring to it.

Six and a Half Men

A sitcom reference and a roast all mixed into one!

Congrats to these clever groups, and good luck to everyone on Housing Day!