Spacious Study Areas in the Fung Library
For many of us, the parts of campus that lie beyond the Science Center or Annenberg remain a total mystery. You may have heard vague mutterings about the labs where STEM students roam or the life-sized animal statues scattered around, but what really exists past the Science Center? We’ve picked some of our favorite hidden gems to help start your campus exploration.

Fung Library

Located in the basement of the CGIS Knafel building (that’s the one next to the Graduate School of Design), this library is a nice change of place from the usual Widener or Lamont. The giant skylight on the ceiling is great for getting some vitamin D, even when it may be a bit too cold to actually enjoy the outdoors. There’s also plenty of desk nooks for when finals season rolls around that are at least a little less sad than the ones you’ll find in Lamont.

Adolphus Busch Courtyard

You can find this gem in arguably one of the prettiest buildings on campus, home to the Center for European Studies. The courtyard is a quiet oasis with a fountain right in the center and plenty of seating to relax in. This might be one of the most hidden spots on our list, and its fountain is only functioning from May to November. Make sure to check it out soon, or return in the spring when the flowers are in bloom!

Buckminster’s Cafe

Hidden directly behind the Science Center, Buckminster’s is located at the Laboratory for Integrated Science and Engineering building. Right outside you can find some spots perfect for grabbing a coffee with friends while the weather is still nice, and inside the cafe there’s plenty of well-lit tables where you can complete your latest pset in style.

Northwest Labs Cafe/Basement

While it may strike fear into the hearts of non-STEM kids, Northwest Labs features a great cafe for spending your BoardPlus if you happen to venture out that far. Not to mention, the basement is perfect for doing work — or reliving your First Chance Dance glory days!

Bio Labs Rhino Statues

Apparently their names are Bessie and Vicky. I love them. That is all.

Sure, some of these locations might lie outside the maximum five minute walking radius that many of us are reluctant to deviate from, but hopefully the great views, cool cafe options, and sweet study spots are enough to tempt you into exploring this side of campus.