The Definitive Guide to Harvard-Yale Transportation

By Derek G. Xiao

The Game is coming up fast, but let’s be honest: The real nail-biter isn’t seeing who gets the most touchdowns — it’s seeing who can survive the never-ending logistical mess of even getting there in the first place. Luckily, we’re here to help with at least one portion of your logistical woes: transportation. Check out some of the most popular routes we’ve found to get you to New Haven.

The Classic: HSA Bus

Organized by HSA and publicized by the College, these shuttles are the classic route to get you to New Haven. With a cost of $58, these may be a little more expensive than you’d hope for, but this does cover both to and from Yale, and are SEF eligible. These are also great for convenience, as you can buy tickets right from the Smith Campus Center Box Office. Pick a time that works best for you, and leave right from the Science Center! Just make sure to buy tickets ASAP, and bring along a pair of earbuds for that 2-3 hour bus ride.

The Alternative: Some Other Bus Service

With the experience of an HSA bus but for at least slightly cheaper, you can also try another bus service like Greyhound or Boltbus. Make sure to buy these ASAP as the best times are quickly selling out, but they can be another great transportation option (especially if you’re looking to get away from a bus full of just Harvard students).

The Speedy: Train

Perfect for those who hate the evening traffic that we’ll inevitably encounter getting to and from Yale, the train can be a nice speedy alternative. While it will likely set you back between $150 and $250 (in the case of Amtrak), it has plenty of times to choose from and can make your ride a little more comfortable.

The Independent: Zipcar

For those wanting a little more flexibility in their plans, a Zipcar can also be a good option. You’ll want to make sure to sign up for an account ahead of time, but if you already have one you should be all set to rent a car near campus. It’ll cost you somewhere between $100 and $200 depending on the type of car you get and how long you rent it for, but get some friends to join you for a road trip to help make that price a little more manageable. Don’t forget about parking!

The Energy-Efficient: Walking

Will it take you nearly two days to get there? Perhaps. However, consider how much energy you’ll save by choosing this fun scenic route! We’re always being told to slow down and smell the roses, so take this advice to heart and truly savor those 136 miles between here and New Haven.

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