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If everyone knows them and their face is plastered all over campus, they're the Kennedy School
Rumor has it that there’s more to Harvard than the Smith Campus Center, the Yard, and El Jefe’s. Every undergraduate contributes to campus culture at the College, just as every graduate school contributes to the greater University culture. While our knowledge of grad schools may be limited to those odd cross-registration general education courses (and we weren’t able to include all of them in this article), their distinct personalities can be reflected in some of the classic College student archetypes that we all recognize.

The Kennedy School

That popular classmate who has introduced themselves to everyone in their grade at least twice. You might not be familiar with what they do or how they work, but chances are you’ve seen their name and/or face splashed around campus more than once. They know people from all over and aren’t shy to meet you...and campaign for your vote.

The Law School

The section kid who treats every question like it’s the last they’ll ever hear. They are academically focused and intense. It’s possible to be close with them, but it takes a bit more effort. Although they take themselves seriously and it seems like they have their whole life planned out, chances are they’re as lost as an economics professor in an ethics class.

School of Design

The student who dresses nicer on a Thursday morning than you will on your wedding day. They enjoy being the center of attention and can be found at all of the social events on campus. They’re unique no matter what angle you consider them from, but they might be judging you for wearing that stained high school sweatshirt four days in a row. No, they’re definitely judging you.

Medical School

This is the classmate who has a passion and a purpose, and you can’t help but be a little jealous of them. They’re in extracurriculars you didn’t even know existed, yet somehow everything that they do seems to come together in a cohesive narrative. Sure, life looks a little less rosy when the only thing they can talk about is drowning in organic chemistry, but at the end of the day this student is confident and self-assured — must be great to have a sense of direction in life!

Harvard Extension School

The only friend that seems to have great judgement and some experience of what the “real world” is like. They’re the person who told you that three slices of dhall sausage pizza is a terrible idea, and that Annenberg has a side door that lets you in after the front door locks. Their humble qualities are refreshing to see, and they make you look whiny when you complain about a pset you had a week to do.

While it may be hard to keep track of the vast number of Harvard grad schools, they each have their own distinct presence on campus. Next time you’re wasting away in section, don’t be surprised if you start categorizing your classmates by grad school.