Ice Cream Sandiwch
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Although it’s always hard to make something Instagram worthy, it’s still worth trying out these desserts made from dining hall ingredients when you’re too broke and cold for J.P. Licks.

Ice Cream Sandwich

As the title suggests, you need two cookies with ice cream in the middle for this one. Heating the cookies in the microwave beforehand makes it 1,000 times better, and adding some sweet toppings like melted peanut butter, caramel, or banana makes it ever better. Crushed up Froot Loops on the side is also a great way to go.

Fruit Parfait

This one’s a nice refresher on a Tuesday morning. It’s pretty self explanatory: Take a plastic cup and start with a layer of yogurt at the bottom. From here you can get creative and try a layer of chopped up banana, another layer of yogurt, or a layer of crumbled cookie. The possibilities are endless — bonus points if you make it pretty.

Cup Sundae

A sundae in a cup! For this one, you can mix together three quarters vanilla ice cream and one quarter chocolate milk for a little extra flavor (coffee or chocolate ice cream are great options too). Top it off with any dessert items you can find, including but not limited to cake, fudge, whipped cream, cookies, and banana chips.

Voilà! Enjoy your dhall dessert a la mode!