Burst the Bubble: Kendall Square

By Megan M. Ross

Reading Period is coming up quickly, and with it, even more opportunities to procrastinate. Why not take this time to finally break the Harvard bubble like you’ve been saying you would since Shopping Week? If the thought of venturing all the way into Boston strikes fear into your lazy and/or T-illiterate heart, no worries — Kendall Square is the perfect first step. Check out some of our favorite places around Kendall for a break from campus when Boston just seems too far away.

The Garment District

When someone says Kendall Square, the first thing many of us think of is the Garment District. If you haven’t been before, get ready for some extreme thrifting. With piles of clothes for two dollars a pound, you really can’t beat the prices here — that is, as long as you’re willing to do some digging.

The Friendly Toast

Want that dhall-style Sunday brunch but kicked up a notch? Sure, you might miss out on the Veritaffles, but this cozy eatery is known for their homemade bread, delicious cakes, and savory meals. Grab some friends for a great weekend study break, but make sure to get there early – this is a hot spot, so lines can get long!

Cambridge Center Roof Garden

The grass is finally growing in the Yard, but if you’re really wanting to bring that summer feeling back this is a great hidden gem located on the roof of a parking garage. Grab your snacks and picnic blanket and head up to the top floor of the East Parking Garage at at 4 Cambridge Center next time we have another sunny day.

Tatte (Kendall Square Edition)

Perfect for those of us who might get a little homesick, Tatte in Kendall is a chance to get out of Harvard Square without feeling like you’ve fully left. Make an adventure out of getting to that warm bread smell we all know and love, and feel even better about buying three chocolate croissants after a scenic walk.

Only two T stops away — or a 43 min walk for those of us who are a little more athletic — Kendall Square is home to an assortment of great places to whittle away some time. Whether you’re going for some fun times with friends or just going to escape the stress of Harvard’s campus, you’re sure to find the perfect place to shop, lay outside, or snack your stress away.

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