Harvard Dating Lines to Make it or Break it

By Natasha L. Coleman

To say the least, the Harvard dating scene is not your average college dating scene. It sometimes seems impossible to just “catch a meal” with someone, and if you want to hear about dating woes straight from the mouths of students, just take a look at Harvard Confessions. With formals season coming up, however, many are on the lookout for a date. How do you know if they’re the one for you or if you’re better off just committing to your pset for now?

The Good…

If your date drops one of these, it’s safe to say you’ve found a keeper.

“I was featured in the Adams Housing Day video...”

Can we say starstruck? Adams’ video was top quality, so we’re betting your date must be too. Bonus points if they’ll perform a verse for you.

“Don’t worry, I cleared a day in my G-Cal for you!”

Wow, we can hear the wedding bells chiming already. If you can earn a few blocks in your sweetheart’s agenda, you know you’re a top priority.

The Bad…

Uh oh, major red flag alert! If you hear one of these, it may be time to jump ship.

“Oh my gosh! I recognize you from that party at the Igloo!”

Ouch. We love the Quad and its wholesome community, but some nights are best left forgotten. Maybe you can form a better connection when the sun’s out and your feet aren’t planted on sticky floor?

“I’m out of BoardPlus. Can you cover me?”

Really? A date on Harvard’s dime is always ideal, but mooching off your date is not the move. If you’re feeling forgiving, let it slide — but hopefully they offer to pick up the next date (if there is one).

The Ugly…

As soon as your date says one of these lines, make a speedy getaway. Things can only go downhill from here.

“Can I check if my AirPods charger works?”


“Yeah, and the most transformative thing about my McKinsey internship last summer was…”

We’re pretty sure no other college on the face of the planet has to deal with the whole is-this-a-date-or-do-they-just-want-me-to-endorse-them-on-LinkedIn issue. If resumes seem to be the only topic of conversation with your date, it might actually be an interview.

For those of you still in search of love post-Datamatch, be on the lookout for these key phrases on your next ~romantic~ encounter. Best of luck snagging a special someone to drag to the endless stream of formals coming up!

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