Piles of Money
At this point in the semester, everything seems to be taking hits — from our GPA to our bank account, we’re continuously shocked at the new lows we reach. Why not discover a new GPA low by procrastinating even further on your studying and taking this quiz on how to spend your last $10 of the semester?

  1. How many formals did you attend this semester?

    1. Zero. There’s no time for formals when you have four consecutive finals coming up

    2. Just my house formal. Honestly, formals are fun, but if you don’t have a date, is there really any need to attend more than one?

    3. A few. I like dressing up and having a good time, but sometimes I’d really just rather have a chill night in

    4. All of them. Finals can wait when there are people to flex on

  2. What is your summer 2019 goal?

    1. Secure my 2020 internship while getting ready for the LSAT and/or MCAT. The grind never stops!

    2. Have a summer fling! If I can’t find love at Harvard, maybe I can land a ~summer adventure buddy~

    3. Check out some really neat foodie spots! My foodsta needs to be updated pronto

    4. Full send! The aim is to travel to a minimum of four countries

  3. Where is your favorite place to spend your Board Plus?

    1. Lamont Café so I can spend my entire day at Lamont undisturbed

    2. At whichever Grille currently has the Grille worker I have my eye on…

    3. Every place that would take it...I used up all of my Board Plus in March

    4. Why use Board Plus when Toscano exists?

  4. What are you getting your mother for Mother’s Day?

    1. The best gift I can give my mom is to succeed

    2. Roses! Maybe if I send some, the universe will redirect that energy back towards me

    3. An edible bouquet or a chocolate basket! The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach

    4. Probably the latest Kate Spade bag if she hasn’t already purchased it. Only the best for my mother

  5. What sounds like your ideal job post-graduation?

    1. Lawyer or doctor or both — I haven’t decided

    2. Maybe a journalist so I can find a way to interview attractive people?

    3. Food critic! Who wouldn’t want to be paid to eat?

    4. I’ll probably take over the family company in a few years

If you got all A’s…

Please, please spend that last $10 on self-care by getting a face mask or four (4 for $10 at Urban...though sadly now you’ll have to order them online — rest in peace, Urban). I wouldn’t be surprised if you chose all A’s for no reason other than because they were all A’s. Your money is definitely best spent on stress relief because no matter what you say, the grind really does have to come to a stop sometime.

If you got all B’s…

Since all you clearly seem to be interested in is landing a B-ae, why not just shoot your shot and use your $10 to get J.P. Licks or Berryline for two? I’d act fast — you want to make sure the love of your life doesn’t leave campus before you work up the nerve.

If you got all C’s…

As someone who probably thinks of money in terms of how much food you can buy with it, you probably already know how many McNuggets you can buy with $10. That’s right: What better way to spend your final $10 than on 40 McNuggets?

If you got all D’s…

This quiz was for people who really only had $10 in their bank account. If you aren't in this situation, maybe treat your blockmates to a nice end-of finals dinner so that you aren’t the only one who gets a break from HUDS (hello finals period Uber Eats).