Dorm Room
Now THIS is dorm room decor goals
Move-in may already be a distant memory after the chaos of shopping week, but that means it’s the perfect time to start finding any excuse you can to not do those new assignments. If your room is looking a bit bare with all those new textbooks sitting on your desk, here are some tips for making it look better than ever (and maybe finding a new way to procrastinate, too).

Wall Decor is Key

Want to make those plain walls feel a little less like a hospital and a little more like home? Focus on the wall decor, where the possibilities are basically endless! Paint something in one of the art studios on campus, hang up a cork board to put notes on, or hit up CVS to print out some pictures of friends.

Keep It Simple

Whether you’re looking to decorate on a budget or just wanting to create that perfect minimalist aesthetic, there’s plenty of cute, cheap, and simple decorations you can get right in the Square. Spice up your door, desk, or walls by covering them in fun washi tape designs, or kill two birds with one stone and use colorful sticky notes to brighten up your room and write notes on. Bonus points if you use sticky notes to spell out messages on your window and make friends with your window neighbors! If you’re feeling extra crafty, find some fun DIYs on Pinterest and turn room decorating into a bonding night with your roommates.

Hit Up Those Fall Sales

We may not be in peak senior sale season, but if you find yourself on any house or club mailing list, you’ve likely already gotten a couple of emails from seniors looking to get a jump on their spring cleaning or from over-packed classmates trying to free up some space. This is a great way to get furniture and other room decor for much cheaper than usual. Plus, the items are conveniently located right on campus!

Even if you’re stuck on the top bunk in a double, having the right room decor can make any dorm feel like home after a long day of classes. Put those overachiever skills to work on something besides your latest essay, and decorate the dorm room of your dreams!