Which Harvard Student Over Winter Break Are You?

By Katherine L Borrazzo

For five weeks you’ve had the freedom to do whatever you want and gear up for the upcoming semester. Have you been chill, or have you been productive? There’s a good chance you fit one of the archetypes below…

The Winternship Warrior

Summer internships weren’t enough, and you just had to spend those transformative three weeks in NYC with an “externship” at a boutique bank. You’ve got some nice resume fillers to kick off the new year now, but are feeling a little burnt out from a lack of real relaxation.

The Transformer

Whether it be a new buff body or a radical change in style, you spent the break cooking up a new version of yourself, and now you’re ready to show the campus your evolution.

The Big Lebowski

Not many of these at Harvard, but if you are, you really kicked back for the month. Frequent hangouts with the lads and lots of Sour Patches have rendered you functionless for the upcoming semester.

The Vacation Queen

Fiji, Baja, Barbados, you name it. You’re international, and your Instagram collages let everyone know it. Expecting a throwback picture reminiscing the sun (or some thematic variation of it) in mid-February.

The Hometown Hero

Everyone still knows you because you’re the only kid in town who got into Harvard in the last 20 years. Whether you’re still visiting your ninth grade gym teacher or successfully organizing junior high friend reunions, it’s good to be home and special again.

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