Quiz: Which Spring 2020 Class Describes Your Upcoming Semester?

By Brandon J. Dixon

1. What’s your shopping week strategy?

a. Already having all four of my classes picked out before Shopping Week even starts.

b. Wandering around trying as many new classes as I can – I don’t want to miss out on finding one I might love!

c. Finding all of my classes the night before (and hoping my.harvard isn’t down again...)

d. Having 17 classes on my list, 15 of which are lotteries. Help.

2. It’s the end of the semester and you just realized you haven’t used any BoardPlus! How do you spend it?

a. Buying some sandwiches and healthy snacks to use for fuel while I study for finals.

b. Grabbing all my closest friends and treating them to a night at one of the Grilles – anyone want cheese quesadillas?

c. Buying six coffees a day until the semester ends, gotta stay awake somehow!

d. Eating as many mozz sticks as my stomach can handle.

3. How do you de-stress from classes?

a. Usually journaling or exercising.

b. Netflix and face masks with friends!

c. Going out until 3 a.m.

d. Do stress naps count?

4. How’d you spend your winter break?

a. Relaxing and preparing for the spring semester.

b. Enjoying time with friends from my hometown.

c. Sitting in my room on Twitter every night.

d. Sleeping all day every day, then panicking the night before my flight because I haven’t packed at all.

5. And finally… What’s your favorite springtime Harvard event?

a. Housing Day.

b. Does Valentine’s Day count?

c. Yardfest!

d. Last Day of Classes (please get me out of here)


Mostly A’s: EXPOS Studio 20 – The Successful Life

Congrats – you’re going to have a great semester! You’ve built up some good habits, and you know what it takes to stay happy, healthy, and prepared. No matter where you find this success, stay humble and enjoy your semester.

Mostly B’s: EXPOS 20 213 – Modern Love

For you, this semester is all about finding love! Whether that’s in a relationship, a friendship, or some good ole self-love, this is a great opportunity to spend time with old friends or branch out and meet new people. Be open to new experiences and let your comfort zone grow!

Mostly C’s: HIST 1018 – Coffee and the Nighttime: History and Politics, 1400-2020

Looks like you’ll be having some late nights this semester… whether they’re spent in the library studying or in the Igloo “studying”, don’t forget to take the time to care for your own well-being too and get some sleep!

Mostly D’s: TDM 121M – Introduction to Clown

Whether your semester is good or bad, you can at least expect it to be hilarious! Enjoy the ride, and grab some friends to share some laughs with along the way. Your life may be like a sitcom this semester, but at least it’ll never be boring!

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