How to: Pack in a Pan(dem)ic

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If you’re living on campus this semester and recently learned that good old Harvard wants to yeet you out of your room in two weeks, we feel your pain. We really do. But fear not, because Flyby’s got you covered with these elite tips to improve your packing game. So forget about your stress and consider your life: hacked.

Does it bring you joy?

We seem to be quoting Marie Kondo a lot recently, but only because she’s right — if it doesn’t bring you joy, forget about it. Don’t waste precious storage space on things you’ll barely use. It’s okay if you don’t need all the free swag you accumulated over the semester. Donate what you don’t need and give yourself less to think about!

Don’t double up!

There’s no shame in admitting you went on a massive Bed Bath and Beyond haul this summer. Your room looks that much better for it. But chances are, a lot of the stuff you bought for your dorm, you already have at home. And there’s really no good reason to end up with two shoe organizers (unless you’re into this type of thing). So TLDR: if you already have it, put it in storage.

Roll with it.

Even if you’re not a STEM concentrator, you know your closet is defying all the laws of science: you brought your stuff to campus in one box, but now it refuses to fit back in there. The solution? Roll your clothes. Truly the most underestimated packing tip, tightly rolling your clothes before packing is a magical way to make space inside your boxes. Before you say you don’t believe us, just try!

Other thoughts.

Some people may consider these ~common sense~, but it never hurts to hear a reminder. Avoid storing things that might leak (tide pods, shampoo, etc.) and if you must, don’t store these with pillows, sheets, or anything else you don’t want ruined (yes, we’re looking at you, Canada Goose). Also avoid storing perishables. If you put peanut butter in storage, we cannot guarantee it will be peanut butter when you get it back.

If you’re still reading at this point, we love you, but please get packing. Here’s a playlist to boost your productivity as you get started. Let’s empty out your drawers, pull out that suitcase from under your bed, and get to work. Good luck!

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