Shopping on a Budget: Valentine’s Day at CVS

By Jennifer Y Yao

Whether this is your first year spending Valentine’s Day at college or you’re a Harvard Square budget shopping veteran, it can get tough thinking of new gift ideas for your SO on Cupid’s Day. So, when all hope seems lost, fear not! Keep reading for some fail-safe items to throw on to your CVS shopping list that are sure to touch your loved one’s heart.

Classic Chocolates, $1.99 to $15.99

You can never go wrong with a classic box of chocolates, as seen in this floor-to-ceiling wall display CVS always keeps stocked with goodies related to the latest holiday. Items include $1.99 single chocolate hearts, $4.49 Hershey chocolate hearts, $5.29 Lindor chocolates, and $6.99 mini Reese’s Cups. Some even include mini teddy bears, making for a perfect two-in-one gift!

Takis, $3.99

Spice up your Valentine’s Day with a *fuego* steal from the snack aisle. Snag a bag of Takis for $3.99 and play a rom-com to make for a cute night in with your boo. Warning: If you don’t attach a cute and punny love note saying something along the lines of “You fire up my heart” or “Taki dirty to me,” you are setting yourself up for failure this Valentine’s Day weekend. Trust us on this one.

Fun Socks, $3.99 each (3 for $10)

Have you ever wanted to try that matching couple outfit thing but didn’t know where to get started? Well, CVS has got you covered. Tucked away in the corner on the second floor is this beautiful stand of printed socks for $3.99 a pair, featuring sushi, avocado, cats, and Rosé puns galore. If you’re stocking up for a fun Galentine’s night in, these socks also come at a bargain price of 3 for $10.

Tide Pods, $7.29

Let’s be honest, nothing says “I love you” to a broke college student like “I got you this bag of Tide Pods.” Keep your Valentine’s Day gifts practical this year with a $7.29 bag of Tide Pods, something which even the pickiest of us are sure to appreciate and actually use. (Also, can we talk about the fact that the Tide Pods are on a shelf behind a literal locked plastic case? Unbelievable.)

Toastmaster, $18.29

Is this Toastmaster HSA approved? Who knows. However, for $18.29 apiece, why not start off your Valentine’s Day weekend on the wild side with this potentially felonious purchase? Grab one of these Toastmasters from the first floor home section and invest in many more dangerously home cooked breakfasts of Eggo waffles with your loved one.

Compact or Neck + Shoulder Shiatsu Massager, $79.99 to $89.99

If you’re really looking to splurge this Valentine’s season, you can get one of these Compact or Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu Massagers ranging from $79.99 to $89.99 on the second floor. While we aren’t too certain how good these are, that price range sure seems like you’re investing in what is likely to be the “best night of your life.” At the very least, you can make sure your SO is well-rested and knot-free as classes begin to pick up speed.

Who says being short on cash means you have to skimp on meaningful gifts for the ones you love this Valentine’s Day? Even if the Harvard Square CVS doesn’t do the trick for you, treating them to a Boardplus meal or providing a week’s worth of printing shows just as much love in a cost-effective way as a CVS splurge does. Happy shopping, lovebirds!

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