What Does Your Organizing Method Say About You?

By Keren E. Rohe

There’s a million different things happening on campus everyday, and it’s hard to plan your schedule around lecture, extracurriculars, and that annoying 6 p.m. section you have. Fortunately, we students are not alone in this complicated world. From online calendars to whiteboard calendars to the teeny planners that fit in your pocket, there’s an organizer for everyone out there. Whatever your organizing method of choice may be, here’s what it says about you.

The Gcal Guru

Gcal? More like magi-cal. Let’s be honest. With classes, clubs, and personal time to manage, if your Google calendar isn’t your best friend, you’re missing out. Gcal can make the most disorganized people look like they’re smooth-sailing through life. If this is your tool to stay on top of things, we know you might not be the most organized, but you’re really really trying.

The Paper Planner

Equipped with your monthly paper planner, colored Muji pens, highlighters, and tiny post-it notes, we know you’re on top of your stuff. You could teach a whole seminar on staying organized. This color-coded life-saver is your most prized possession, and you literally cannot function without it.

The Camera Queen

Why take notes when you can just take a picture? In this ~digital age~, paper is overrated and so is actually writing things down. If you’re one of these people who refuses to keep a calendar and instead has a running list of appointments in your camera roll, either you’ve fully embraced technology, or you’re just too busy for a calendar.

The Helping Hand(s)

If you’re one of those people with ink all over your hands, we’ve noticed you. Writing notes on your hands keeps you organized, and, better yet, you’re doing yourself and the environment a service by saving paper. Just make sure you’re using a permanent marker. We would hate for your weekend plans to be washed away in the shower.

The Most Impressive of All

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. There are a few of us out there who would rather not use an organizer at all. Why rely on a calendar to figure out where to be in an hour when you’ve got your good ol’ brain? If you’re running exclusively on your photographic memory, we are truly impressed. Teach the rest of us average humans your ways, please.

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