Housing Market 2020: Adams

By Kai R. McNamee

Adams is worth its weight in gold, and we’re not just talking about its gilded rooms. The location is ideal: far enough from the busy Yard and its tourists but close enough to your classes that you can still operate on Harvard Time. In Adams, you’ll not only get to partake in experiences like Fireside Chats in front of FDR's fireplace or perform at Drag Night — you’ll get to leave your mark by adding a mural to its underground tunnels.

All About Housing

Sophomores in Adams have been typically placed in Claverley Hall, which is currently undergoing construction and will open in August. Due to the renovations this year, sophomores have been housed all over in swing housing and in the main Adams building. Most sophomores receive n+1 housing, complete with spacious common rooms and even some kitchens. The dorms themselves will bring you back to the house’s Gold Coast era with accents like wood-etched details, fireplaces, and iron door handles. Housing will only improve after renovations are complete: the architects of Adams House’s renewal project recently revealed their plan for 79 percent of students to live in singles and 77 percent to be in suites.

As for party spaces, Adams has plenty of places to host social gatherings. The K-Space, two rooms in the F entryway basement, can hold slightly over fifty people. Adams also has the Molotov in D entryway — a red and yellow room with a bar and “Explosives” written on the door. However, the House’s best social space is probably the Adams Senior House, a three-story building seniors have the option to lottery for that is currently under construction. Best of luck to all the seniors hoping to be the first to break it in.


In addition to being the house “where all the action happens," Adams has an undeniable sense of community and a contagious house pride that comes through in its 2019 Housing Day video. A favorite memory of Adams House Committee Secretary Milan M. Williams ‘21 is last year’s Housing Day event, which around 500 people — nearly the entire house — attended. She recalls the Housing Day stars performing the song from the video.

“The house loved it so much,” she said. “Everyone knew the lyrics — they were singing along and it was like a concert."

Every Thursday night, Adams House holds its stein — Carpe Noctem — for around 100 to 200 weekly attendees. Beyond Carpe, Adams hosts several annual events including Chocoholica, a Valentine’s day party centered around chocolate tasting that is one of the house’s “sweetest (and spiciest) traditions,” according to the vent announcement. One of Adams’ oldest annual events is its annual Drag Night. Historically, Adams has been a space where LGBTQ students on campus felt welcome expressing their identities. Adams House Committee Social Chair Katie M. Farkouh '21 explains that it was out of this history and on-campus community that Adams House started having an annual Drag Night.

Behind the great sense of community are the Faculty Deans Sean and Judith S. “Judy” Palfrey ’67 who are certainly beloved within the house. Katie and Milan described Sean and Judy as “phenomenal,” adding that they “engage with students all the time” and “really have our best interests at heart.” They also come to nearly every house event, so you’re sure not to miss them!

Your Questions, Answered

How would you describe your house in three words?

MW: Inclusive.

KF: Welcoming.

MW: High Energy.

If you had to change one thing about your house, what would it be?

KF: The K Space.

MW: Yeah, it’s been around for a while. It’s been through a lot of major parties.

KF: It becomes super, super packed and it’s in the basement. So it’s fun, you know, but at the same time, it sometimes gets a little too crazy.

Which superheroes would you say your faculty deans are most like and why?

MW: Judy’s definitely Wonder Woman. I feel like Sean can be, like, an Iron Man situation.

KF: Yeah, very selfless in every single way.

What do you hope for with the renovations?

MW: I think I hope it preserves Adams House’s character and Adams House’s history.

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