Housing Market 2020: Quincy

By Steve S. Li

If you’re in Quincy, there’s no need to schedule lunches eight months in advance or worry that you’ll never again be able to stare across the dhall at your crush who got Quadded. With a game room in its lobby, a retro-style Grille, an ideal central location, and a sunlit dhall that welcomes all, you’ll always find someone you know hanging out at “The People’s House.”

All About Housing

Quincy House offers the best of both worlds. It features a neo-Georgian exterior that curates a sense of bookish intrigue, along with modern and open social spaces that lie inside for Quincy residents.

Most sophomores live in hallway singles or doubles in the newly renovated Stone Hall. It is a space that also features lively common rooms, which are loved by residents like House Committee co-chair Mahalia G. Mathelier ’21. Some sophomores live in DeWolfe, Harvard’s apartment-style overflow housing; but its location across the street ensures that Quincy students stay closely integrated into the House community.

Special features of the House include the Qube, which is a raised, glass-enclosed library that overlooks the courtyard. The perfect place to settle down with a book or watch the sun gradually set, Quincy residents may almost find grinding out p-sets enjoyable.

Also overlooking the courtyard is the famed Balcony Suite. Each year, groups — typically seniors — take on a sixth floor suite with a spacious common area and a luxurious balcony — basically the ideal party space. On most weekends, Quincy residents can find a party just a few steps away from the comfort of their warm beds, which is a big change from the days of trekking out to the Quad.


When asked what makes Quincy so special, HoCo co-chair Reeda Iqbal ’21 was quick to describe how Quincy has “such a great community. We all care so much about each other, and I would say a lot of people would agree that we’re very connected.” Mathelier chimed in, “Q-U-I/N-C-Y/Quincy ‘til the day I die.” They also pointed to Quincy’s reputation as “The People’s House,” as those from the Quad or River East often dine here. With dinners that are typically unrestricted, you can rest assured that you will actually see friends who you didn’t end up blocking with. And when your entryway finally does their reunion dinner here, it will feel so convenient that you might actually go.

Hallmark events such as the nerf gun game of Assassins, Cake Boss competition, lip sync battle, and Field Day are saved for Quincy residents. The House also hosts elegant Champagne Toasts and Open Houses in the faculty deans’ PentHouse. Mathelier eagerly elaborated, “The PentHouse is beautiful. Especially when the weather is nice outside, so beginning of the school year, end of the school year, the view from the balcony is beautiful.” There are also bi-weekly themed Festas that serve as a relaxed social gathering with fun themes, music, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There are even food options like Popeyes! Other initiatives include free group outings to popular campus events like the Hasty Pudding show and Quincy Kettles, where faculty are invited to the House to meet with students.

In the dhall lobby, groups of students can always be found playing billiards or going head-to-head in ping pong or foosball. Tucked away inside the building complex, there is also a dance studio, a gym, and a pottery studio for those looking to de-stress with niche hobbies. The Grille also draws in students from all over campus who are looking to give their Board Plus a break from LamCaf. With fan-favorites like mozzarella sticks, curly fries, and rotating specialties named after notable House figures, the Grille hits the spot no matter how you’ve spent your night. Quincy resident Amanda C. Yang ’22 described her House with the three words: “Quincy — best House,” and then followed up with the four word phrase: “I love Quincy Grille.”

Your Questions, Answered

How would you recognize a Quincy resident?

MM: If they waddled like a penguin.

RI: Aw, I love that.

What is one thing you want freshmen to know about your House?

MM: That we are the best House.

RI: It’s amazing.

What is the biggest misconception that people have?

MM: That Lowell’s better. That’s false. Also that New Quincy is new.

RI: Yeah, because Stone Hall used to be known as Old Quincy, but now it’s Stone Hall.

If you had to change one thing about your House, what would it be?

RI: Nothing.

MM: I would start calling new Quincy New Quincy, I would end the confusion.

What food would your House be and why?

MM: Pie. We’re comforting, delicious, just the best, we’re the thing that everyone loves.

RI: Regardless of how full they are.

MM: Yeah, and we’re not ice cream, we don’t make people’s tummies hurt.

Who would the ice cream be?

RI: Mather. Well…

MM: Well, Mather is a House.

Around the House

Throughout the dhall, groups of friends catch up over a meal, a Harvard phenomenon that is less elusive for Quincy residents than it is for most. When asked to describe her House in a few words, Bente van Vlijmen ’20 came up with an impressive list: “Home, genuine, kindness, family, and clout.”

Even a non-Quincy resident admitted that the “Quincy dining hall is the place to be seen.”

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