Quiz: What Obnoxious Harvard Habit Are You?

By Courtesy Code Red Films

We all know of a few frustrating and unsubtle habits people on this campus have. So, without further ado, which one of them are you?

1. It’s lunchtime. What are you eating?

a) Whatever’s on the menu, but in a cup to go

b) Cereal, because I always miss the end of lunch and that’s the only thing still out

c) My pre-timed, saved grill order

d) Red’s Best Fresh Catch

2. What is a question you would ask in lecture?

a) I was too busy to make it to lecture.

b) Wait, can you go back to the first slide?

c) I think this only applies to me, but…?

d) But have you considered...?

3. You got mail! What is it?

a) A care package from my mom that arrived last month

b) 1-800-Contacts express-shipped package. I’ve been blind for a week!

c) A Harvard pennant for my wall

d) Caroline Calloway’s new book, “Scammer”

4. What’s your LamCaf Order?

a) Why would I go to LamCaf? They don’t have mobile order pick-up

b) All my board plus’s worth of snacks on the last day of the semester

c) Cold Brew — no dairy, because milk is too flavorful for me

d) Javiva when there’s 10 people in line behind me

5. What was your last Instagram post?

a) A group photo with people I no longer talk to

b) Me at Harvard-Yale posted in January

c) Non-Harvard related picture with a Harvard reference in the caption

d) Michael Bloomberg meme


Mostly As: We should grab a meal sometime!

You’re flakier than the HUDS flaked tuna. It would probably make your life easier if you could just say hello and end it there like everybody else, but that’s no fun. You’ve mastered the art of disappearing before the other person realizes they don’t even have your contact information. Bonus points if you tell someone this in the dining hall before walking away to eat away from them.

Mostly Bs: Operating on Harvard Time

Being late has become half your personality, and apologizing for being late is the other half of it. Sure, you have a gcal, but you treat the times on it more like mild suggestions. Your friends lie by telling you an earlier time to meet only for you to show up 10 minutes after them, holding a coffee you clearly could have forgone in order to be on time. Oops.

Mostly Cs: You act like you’re still trying to get in

There’s no difference between what you wore to Harvard-Yale and what you wear everyday. We already know you go here — you don’t have to buy out the Coop. Remember to leave some for the tourists. You use the Harvard snapchat filter to remind your classmates where you are. Instead of the standard Harvard introduction, you prefer reminding others of your ACT score, how many APs you took, and all the nonprofits you’ve started.

Mostly Ds: You think the world is your soapbox

You hand out hot takes like Crimson Key hands out fliers. Twitter serves as your personal diary. Lecture and office hours are the same to you, because in both, you follow up on responses to your questions with even more questions. From the democratic primary to Felipe’s versus Jefe’s, everyone on this side of the Charles has heard your opinion on it.

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