How to: Make Any Space Feel Like Harvard

By Zadoc I. N. Gee

With the start of the remote semester, looking at old pictures of Harvard Yard and your friend’s Instagram Stories of campus aren’t cutting it anymore. We all miss Harvard, and even for those on campus, life just isn’t the same. But who says your new life can’t look a bit more like the Harvard of the past?

Room Makeover: Home Edition

You can admit it… you kind of miss your old twin-sized bed and, some nights, maybe even the top bunk. Have no fear: You can buy some bed risers or even make your own so that you can fit your dresser under your bed and get that dorm chic look. While you’re at it, replace your nice comfortable desk chair with one of the many famous Harvard chairs. One option is what the COOP calls the “Original Harvard Chair,” but if you want to bring the outside in, opt for one of those Harvard Yard chairs you’ve been missing a little extra lately.

While you’re redecorating, get yourself a John Harvard replica desk statue or a beautiful print of the iconic tourist attraction — just make sure not to spill any specific liquids on this version. If you want to add a more casual touch, why not store your shower caddy in your off-campus room to remind yourself of your freshman experience? We’ve heard this look really goes well with polaroid photos you took after a long night out with some friends. Corral all your memories together and spotlight your class (or your would-be class, if you’re taking a leave of absence) and finally hang up your class photo next to your Harvard pendant, just to remind the people in your Zoom section that you are, in fact, a Harvard student.

Bring the Dhall Home

Who says trays are just reserved for Annenberg and upperclassman housing? Swipe into your kitchen (or show your parents your ID card), grab a tray and load up on some HUDS recreations — this way it’s easier to bring your snacks to your room anyway. If you only have a short break in between your classes and are feeling nostalgic for the quick trips to FlyBy, go ahead and pack yourself a PB&J, some carrots, or maybe even some tomato ravioli soup.

Harvard Conversation Starters

It’s been a while since we’ve heard the perfunctory “Let’s grab a meal sometime” line. Recreate this feeling at home by telling your parents or roommates that you should schedule a time to hangout, and pull out your GCal only to find that you’re too busy this week… maybe next week! If you’re also missing spontaneous run-ins with your friends, FaceTime or Zoom them at random times of the day to make things feel just a bit more natural.

Add some personal Harvard touches to your childhood bedroom, off-campus apartment, or even your dorm to bring yourself back to pre-March 2020 times. But make sure to also create new memories, routines, and habits that you can bring back with you whenever we do return to campus.

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