TikTok Powerpoint Night Inspo: Harvard Edition

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If you’ve ever spent even a second on TikTok, you’re already familiar with the PowerPoint trend, where you and a bunch of friends each choose a topic of your choice to present on it. While learning about the intricacies of Great British Bake-Off’s judging is interesting, we thought we’d give you some ideas to help Harvard-ify it up.

Catfish or Snake? Dissecting the Types of Harvard Tinder Bios

With the pandemic loneliness hitting hard this February, you would think that people are stepping up their Tinder game (and yet…). Help your friends decide who is legit with this slide deck.

The Ultimate Ranking of Meat and Sauce Combos at Jefe’s and Felipe’s

Jefe’s steak is better, but Felipe’s chicken with salsa roja might just take the cake (or burrito?). Don’t be afraid to go off with this controversial idea.

“The Best” as a 21st Century Anachronism? A Thesis Refuting the Validity of Red’s “Best” Catch

If this dish is always served with different types of fish and at different times of the year, can they really be Red’s “best” catch? Or is it Red who is truly the “best”? Discuss.

Which Type of Assignment are You? Blocking Group Edition

Are you rigid and inflexible like a Life Sciences 1a problem set? Or do you identify more with a free-flowing art form as assigned by an AFVS class? Analytical like a stats question? Classify you and your friends as different assignments and see who agrees.

Breaking Down the Inefficiencies of the Dish Returns of Each Dining Hall

Berg does a pretty good job, but Lowell’s dish return (aka the “lowerator”) will give even the calmest person heart palpitations. Explore the differences between each dish return and hopefully we’ll be back soon to enjoy them all!

Comparing the Psyche of the People I’ve Gotten With to Major Tech and Finance Companies

All we can say is that too many people are Jeff Bezos.

Even though we can’t be with our blockmates this year, we can still share a couple of laughs — just hopefully not over Zoom someday.

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