Housing Market 2021 – The Square Edition

By Christine E Mansour

It's time for Flyby's countdown to Housing Day with our annual feature: Housing Market!

3/8: For our first day of Housing Market, we've got the the Quad Houses! Check out our writers' deep dives into the housing, fun quirks, and wonderful (physical and virtual!) communities of Pfoho, Currier, and Cabot here!

3/9: Housing Market is back again, and this time we're giving you the scoop on all things River East! We've found out everything you need to know about Dunster, Mather, and Lev here!

3/10: Day three!! For today, we're looking the enviable River West — who needs anything else when you've got the bougie trio of Eliot, Winthrop, and Kirkland? Check it out here!

3/11: We're wrapping up our Housing Market feature with a spotlight on The Square! If you're eager to learn more about Adams, Quincy, and Lowell, look no further!

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