Flyby Loves: Our Seniors

By Peyton A. Jones

Title says it all. Thank you to our senior writers for being amazing in every way — we're always looking up to y'all. :-)

Flyby Loves Rocket S. Claman

Thanks for "Can I tell a story?" at meetings, being able to write both sap and snark with ease, always being ready to roast HUDS vegan options, and holding it down as our resident Theatre Kid.

We love you!

Flyby Loves Claire J. Hoffman

Thanks for showing us what a committed relationship to iced coffee looks like, somehow balancing a million things (anyone heard of Immunology Club?) and looking good while doing it, being a great comp director for, like, five years in a row, and actually being down to grab a meal sometime, despite your terrifying GCal.

We love you!

Flyby Loves Hannah J. Humes

Thanks for writing pieces that are quite literally too funny to publish, rants that never fail to entertain, being a competent driver (please don't go we need you), and teaching us how to both throw and catch ass.

We love you!

Flyby Loves Sahara W. Kirwan

Thanks for keeping flyby afloat during post-eviction life, having an impeccable sense of style, bringing ~warmth~ to meetings with your presence, and being the only Kirwan whose emails don't break my heart (no shade to The Leslie).

We love you!

Flyby Loves Linda Lee

Thanks for the best hot takes, having a laptop with so many fun stickers to look at during meetings, entertaining us with updates on your love/hate relationship with CS, and always bringing chaos to the Sanctum.

We love you!

Flyby Loves Cindy Li

Thanks for being a punderful human being, surviving the study abroad fiasco of century, teaching us the true meaning of "envy" through a *perfect* Instagram feed, and elevating the art of the "How To:" piece.

We love you!

Flyby Loves Lorenzo F. Manuali

Thanks for being a great chair, providing kickass pasta dinners, looking good in a catsuit, being Italian (probably — he is, right?), and a laugh that brightens up every meeting.

We love you!

Flyby Loves Trula J. Rael

Thanks for being a cool mom, caring deeply about quality snack foods, being the best River Run host, and patient edits in Lev Dhall.

We love you!

Flyby Loves Ben S. Rhee

Thanks for being a cryptid. Enough said. ;)

We love you!

Good luck out there! Don't be strangers. :,)

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