In: Harvard/Out: Yale

By Janani Sekar

This week, as the pre-Thanksgiving break assignments pile up and the sky fades into a daunting darkness before dinnertime, only one thing manages to pierce through the clouds of students’ burnout and exhaustion: a rowdy anticipation for the annual Harvard-Yale football game.

On H-Y eve, a strange phenomenon graces this small liberal arts school in New England: we transform into a student body with spirit, flair, and an undying interest in athletics. In effect, we become unrecognizable, channeling the most spontaneous and *gasp* fun versions of ourselves for one weekend of the year.

So, here’s an in/out list to remind everyone to make some questionable (but tasteful) choices this H-Y weekend. Have a fantastic time and #rollcrim.


The enemies-to-lovers arc

Waking up at the crack of dawn (for unhinged purposes only)

Sleeping on the floor (queue The Lumineers)

Selling your ticket to the highest bidder (rip Yale)

Getting posted on Dean Khurana’s instagram (the ultimate win)

The buddy system

Practicality (it’s 35 degrees — you can only look so presentable)

Our team’s running game (idk what this means, but a Crimson Sports editor told me to add this)

Pretending we’ve won no matter the outcome

Bringing your own toilet paper (BYOTP)

Experimenting (make of this what you will)

Hot breakfast


Actually going to the game

Rain (I’m manifesting)

Calling Yale a safety school (cringe and pretentious, sorry)

Opening your computer at any point during the weekend

Facepaint (never looks as cool as you think it does)

Mansplaining what a touchdown is

TGMOs (tailgate make-outs)


The term “Yalies” (makes me sick)

Dangerously intoxicated alumni

Having a mascot (lame and overdone — and the new turkey mascot debut cannot convince me otherwise)

Assigned seats in the stadium

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