In/Out: November 2022 Edition

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It’s officially November, folks, so say goodbye to Halloween and hello to Thanksgiving! As the seasons change from one to another, so do we. Motivation dwindles, fashion becomes weather oriented, and our cozy beds start to look a lot more enticing during the day. I know, it’s an exhausting time, which is why we’ve rounded up a list of what’s in and out during the last stretch of this seemingly endless semester. Enjoy!


The cobwebs in the corner of your room — No longer acceptable, Halloween is done

Midterm Exams — Give it a rest, we’re past the time for those

Kanye West — I feel like we can all agree on this one

Not dressing for the weather — Put the salmon shorts away, buddy, it’s time

Getting to class on time — Simply will not be happening this month

Gened readings — unoriginal, long, boring. we can do better

Frat flu — The cough has finally stopped, and it better stay away this time

Candy corn — The only acceptable time to eat these is during October, okay

Not carrying an umbrella when it rains — Don’t be that person who thinks it’s cool to get soaked walking to class

Adhering to my attempted budget plan for the semester — not that I ever did


Christmas/holiday music — I will take no hate on this

Midterm Elections — Time to hot girl vote

Hot totties — cozy and sophisticated

Kicking Yale’s ass — Who’s ready for The Game?!

Being fashionably late to everything — Or just plain late, that’s cool too

Casual naps — We’re all tired, okay?

Spending way too much on food to “treat myself” — it’s self-care, it doesn’t count

Taylor Swift — We’re ALL meeting at midnight

Movie nights with the squad — time to recuperate after Halloweekend

Starbucks’ holiday cups — Honestly, they just make me irrationally happy

The recognition that not all of my work will be getting done — What can ya do?

New Month, New You! Carpe diem, my dears, and take this list (only semi) seriously as you take on this November.

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