Flyby’s Guide to Surviving Your First Real Winter

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As the snow continues to fall, melt, create slush, and make everyone (yes, everyone) tumble down the stairs of Widener, Sever, and every building in between, Harvard students are divided between those who know and those who have absolutely no idea how anyone deals with this weather in their hometowns.

Whether you’re from a sunny place like SoCal or a tropical island, this is the guide for you! Flyby’s about to give you all the information you need to know to survive this winter season.

Quality > Price.

As a certified-broke college student, I totally understand wanting to save money. But if you want to save your toes for the rest of your life, you need to invest in GOOD-quality winter clothes — which may mean looking at jackets above the $100 range (at least!).

The Only Time More Is More.

Wear layers. Wear a hat. Wear gloves. No one is looking at you funny or thinks it's odd. No one cares, but you will if you catch a cold next week because you didn’t dress warm enough.

Myth: Going Outside With Wet Hair = Catching A Cold.

Truth: Going Outside With Wet Hair = Looking Like The White Witch Of Narnia.

Solution: Shower at night or get a hair dryer and use it!

Black Ice, Slush, and the Difficulties of Walking.

After it snows, your first problem will be walking in the snow and having the snow fall into your boots. For this, your best bet is to bring extra socks with you when yours get drenched or wear long boots!

Then, when the snow starts to clear away, you’ll begin to see ice. Or you’ll meet black ice (definition: clear glaze of ice on the roads that YOU CANNOT SEE) headfirst. The BEST way to avoid falling is to walk in the snow. Yes, climb that mountain of snow in front of the Berg rather than trying to walk on the slippery ice. It’s the only way.

You Will Have Extra Laundry. And Cleaning.

Highly recommend telling all your roommates to leave their shoes by the door to avoid the wet slush entering all of your bedrooms. If your shoes are leather (or any material tbh) make sure to wash them! The salt on the ground meant to melt the ice also destroys shoes and boots. For long use, clean them every other week.


Please. Otherwise you’ll be stuck in a snow storm in North Boston or the middle of nowhere for two days. Not speaking from any prior experience. At all.

Stay Inside.

Send your friends out for food, coffee, and groceries. No need to leave your dorm at all. If you don’t go out, you won’t ever face the snow. And that, my friend, sounds like you’ll never have to fall in the snow again :).

Good luck, friends!


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