Flyby Blog Presents: Guide to Visitas 2022

With a return to campus comes a return to in-person Visitas, an exciting weekend for all involved! Whether you're a prefrosh looking for advice on Visitas and Harvard, or an upperclassman confused about what Visitas is, Flyby Blog is here to answer all of your questions with our Guide to Visitas 2022!

4/19: For the first section of Guide to Visitas, find out how to make the most out of your last time on campus without real responsibilities Visitas experience with Fun Reads for a Fun Visitas! With tips on spotting campus celebs, an insider's guide to first-year housing, and fun classes to audit, you'll be the most prepared one in the Yard.

4/20: Our second day brings Quizitas, testing all the possible ways your Visitas will go. See where life, love, and Dean Khurana takes you this weekend!

4/21: Day 3 of Guide to Visitas will give you all the advice, guide to Harvard lingo, and comforting words you'll need from our very own staff!

4/22: For our last day of Guide to Visitas, we tell you exactly How to Visitas, with tips for upperclassmen and pre-frosh alike!

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