Leverett House's McKinlock Hall was built in 1926.

Leverett House

Leverett House's McKinlock Hall was built in 1926. By Julian J. Giordano
Welcome to Leverett House! If you get lucky enough to be sorted into Leverett, you’re in for a ride. Leverett House is a bustling welcoming community and if you go to some of their events you might even get lucky enough to get a picture with Taylor Swift. Yes, a full size cutout of her. HoCo chair, Audrey N. Kang ’24, says: “I think that right now Lev is in a really great place. I’d say definitely Lev probably has the most momentum out of all the houses right now.”
By Tali S. Wong

By Julian J. Giordano

Quirks & Perks

Leverett is one of the few remaining houses to have weekly (yes, every week!) steins. And what is a stein? Basically, a stein is a casual HoCo-run social event with free food and drinks, and who doesn’t want free food every single week? According to Kang, “people are coming to events now more than ever!” Get ready to have the perfect excuse to pause that essay or pset and meet different members of the house community each week!

Leverett is also known to deck out their dhall for every occasion imaginable. Plus you can bank on monkey bread — the best treat to exist — every Thursday night at community dinner. Besides the decorations and monkey bread, the Leverett dhall is a popular spot for office hours — a massive perk when the math pset is due 11:59 p.m. and you started at 7 p.m.

Kang also reveals that “Lev has the best merch.” Not only are the designs creative and eye-catching, but Leverett HoCo conducts beautiful editorial style shoots where they get members of the house involved — even the faculty deans were featured in the photoshoot! You should check out the aesthetic forest green Harvard-Yale crewnecks that Leverett designed.

All About Housing

From beautifully renovated McKinlock hall to the massive G and F towers, Lev has got to be one of the most architecturally unique houses on campus. It has all the different types of Harvard architecture in one house. However, Leverett isn’t just interesting on the outside — the inside has every variety of room you can imagine: a suite, a hallway single, a tower room with a view of the Boston skyline, a beautiful renovated room in McKinlock. According to HoCo Co-Chair Austin C. Ma ’24, the tower suites have the “largest common rooms.” Not only are the common rooms massive, but many of the tower rooms have floor to ceiling windows with beautiful natural light.

The natural light doesn’t stop there. The Leverett library reminds Kang of “something I'd see out of ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’” and the dhall is known for its high ceilings, large windows, and beautiful natural light. So, when the Cambridge winter months get really dark, Leverett is the place to soak up what sunlight you can – even while studying all day long.

Your Questions Answered

How would you describe the vibe of the house?

AM: ​​ How I would explain it is that when you’re walking, like, anywhere in Lev, in the dining hall or in the elevators, you'll always see people you know, and it's a really great part of the community.

How would you describe Leverett as an ice cream flavor? What flavor and why?

AK: “I would go with strawberry. First of all, everyone loves strawberry. I think a lot of my favorite things about Lev are the natural sunlight streaming and the fact that it’s bunnies — very high energy. Everyone’s really nice and when it's hot out, everyone’s out there playing in the sun. I think Lev could be well represented by a strawberry patch.”

What Harry Potter house would Leverett be?

AK: I’ve got to go with the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw like a mix of them.

AM: There are some smart bunnies.

If a first-year is placed into Lev, what would you tell them?

AK: I would say definitely expect to never not have something to do. I think we are at least one of the only houses where every single week on Thursday at 9 p.m., we'll have a Stein so no matter what. And like no matter what you're into, we probably have something that caters to it.

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