Alternative Yet Edgy Playlist

Arts Playlist: Songs for When Someone Hands You the Aux And You Want To Seem Alternative Yet Accessible

The faint smell of cultural superiority is clogging everyone’s lightly made-up pores, and Top 40 tunes will indubitably get you uninvited from all such parties in the future.

'Imagine' Gal Gadot still

Top 10 Cultural Moments of 2020

The Crimson Arts Board presents its favorite cultural moments of the year, from "The Fly on Mike Pence's Head" to ...

Stop Motion Christmas Movies Image

Stop Motion Christmas Movies, Ranked

An analysis of the most important elements of a stop motion Christmas movie may reveal if any of these films ...

Anjimile NNAMDI Single Cover

Single Review: ‘Baby No More (NNAMDÏ’s Dream)’ Is Piano-Cover Magic

Far more than a derivative of the original, “Baby No More (NNAMDÏ’s Dream)” opens a dialogue that expands the possibilities ...

Gold & Chrome Covid Rap Songs Still

Top 5: Rap Songs about COVID-19

Throughout the pandemic, rappers have taken to the booth to assess the new normal — empty grocery shelves, PPE, and ...

ATLA screen grab

Every Episode of 'Avatar: The Last Airbender,' Ranked

By no popular demand, here is an entirely objective ranking of all 61 episodes of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” from ...

BTS still

Every BTS 'Comeback,' Ranked

Take a walk down memory lane of the comebacks — a K-Pop term for album releases and their promotional cycles ...

Greys Anatomy Beach Still

What The Hell Happened: [REDACTED] is Back on 'Grey’s Anatomy'

Meredith finally sees him and, overwhelmed with emotion, calls out to him in return.

Coronavirus Novel Tropes Image

The Coronanovel of Future Past

The Corona-novel — an emerging and extremely bad genre certain to haunt literary houses for years to come — is ...

Leo Top 5 image

Top 5: Leonardo DiCaprio Movie Roles

In honor of Hollywood’s favorite Scorpio turning 46 on Nov. 11, here’s a ranking of his top five movie roles.

Ratotouille Musical Playbill Image

What the Hell Happened: ‘Ratatouille: The Musical’

To quote a former arts chair, “Nietzsche was wrong. God is very much alive,” and 2020’s Twitter headlines are just ...

Safety Trailer Still

Movie Trailer Breakdown: 'Safety'

Amidst an empty football field and a sea of cheers, the narration of Clemson Coach Bowden (Matthew Glave) immediately sets ...

Hamilton Unpop Opinion Still

Unpopular Opinion: Color-Blind Casting Isn’t ‘Woke’ — It’s Racist

Recent examples of color-blind casting — casting that does not take race or ethnicity into account — reveal the complexities ...

'Jeopardy!' Still Trebek Tribute

What Is "We Love You, Alex?"

Although a riveting question-and-answer contest may be what initially captivated viewers, there is no doubt that Trebek was what kept ...

Harry Styles Vogue cover shoot

What the Hell Happened: Candace Owens Upset by Harry Styles' Dress

The fragile form of masculinity that is scared to wear a dress is the same one that refuses to care ...

'Gossip Girl' Original Still

What the Hell Happened: The Return of 'Gossip Girl'

Attention, Upper East Siders: The hit 2000’s show “Gossip Girl” is coming back as an HBO Max reboot!