Alternative Yet Edgy Playlist

Arts Playlist: Songs for When Someone Hands You the Aux And You Want To Seem Alternative Yet Accessible

The faint smell of cultural superiority is clogging everyone’s lightly made-up pores, and Top 40 tunes will indubitably get you uninvited from all such parties in the future.

Hair Cuttery Closing

Top Five: The Best Quarantine Haircuts of All Time

Why waste precious time asking yourself if you should get bangs when you could consider any one of these more ...

Candyman Still

Movie Trailer Breakdown: ‘Candyman’

While the coronavirus pandemic has postponed the film’s release to September, the “Candyman” trailer offers clues as to how this ...

Ben Platt

Unpopular Opinion: ‘Dear Evan Hansen,’ Have Better Lyrics

“Dear Evan Hansen” holds a secure place in the musical theater canon. But its unconditional critical celebration paints an incomplete ...

Duke Ellington

Arts Playlist: Songs for a Classy Quarantine

This jazz-adjacent playlist is for those days when we’re in need of something to break that rut and make us ...

Career Retrospective: Fiona Apple

In the two and a half decades since she released her debut album, Apple has become a pop music legend ...

"Les Misérables" Still

Arts Playlist: Songs to Embrace Your Quarantine Loneliness

Blast these songs as you stay inside to linger in your newfound loneliness or reflect back on the good old ...

Beyonce bracket

'March' Madness Bracket: Beyoncé’s Extraordinary Discography

The real winner of this bracket is anyone who gets to listen to hours of countless Beyoncé hits in their ...

Break My Heart

Music Video Breakdown: ‘Break My Heart’ by Dua Lipa

As she encounters the first (and incredibly irrelevant) man in the video, Lipa’s world tilts and the scenery collapses into ...

Ezra Miller

What the Hell Happened: Fans Call for Ezra Miller to be Fired over ‘Choking’ Scandal

Ezra Miller is a name perhaps most synonymous with cult-classic movie roles and jaw-dropping red carpet fashion appearances — but ...

'Your Best American Girl' Still

Music Video Breakdown: ‘Your Best American Girl’ by Mitski

Today, a second look at the song’s powerful music video is in order — and nearly four years later, its ...

Parsonage Garden

Art Theft is Optimism

I know this is not how art heists work, but I like the thought of the robber taking his van ...

'Spring Arts Playlist' Image

Arts Playlist: Songs for Spring

The ten songs in this playlist capture springtime in all its vibrant, unpredictable glory, so give them a listen for ...

'To All the Boys' Sequel Still

Unpopular Opinion: All Rom-Com Sequels are Bad

Let the stories end where they end, and let the audience imagine the perfect future that awaits our protagonists.

Insta Potato Drawing Cartoon

What the Hell Happened: Why are People Drawing Fruit on Instagram?

Interestingly enough, an unexpected consequence of this phenomenon was its ability to reveal people’s surprising creativity.

Ghen Cô Vy Video Still

Music Video Breakdown: Vietnam Raises Coronavirus Awareness on ‘Ghen Cô Vy’

Instead of “Happy Birthday,” why don’t we all start singing “Ghen Cô Vy” in front of our bathroom mirrors?