Alternative Yet Edgy Playlist

Arts Playlist: Songs for When Someone Hands You the Aux And You Want To Seem Alternative Yet Accessible

The faint smell of cultural superiority is clogging everyone’s lightly made-up pores, and Top 40 tunes will indubitably get you uninvited from all such parties in the future.

Game of Thrones Still

Unpopular Opinion: The Dragons Are the Worst Part of ‘Game of Thrones’

The winged lizards have all but morphed into reptilian albatrosses around the necks of the characters who possess them.

Robert Frost Still

Are You Artsy Enough for This Arts Puzzle?

Instructions: This puzzle is based on sequential logic. Use your answer to the question immediately before to help answer the ...

Kanye West Still

What the Hell Happened: Kanye’s Coachella Sunday Service — Or, the Apotheosis of Yeezus?

Alongside his reputation for discord, another note has always rung true with Kanye: his spirituality.

Avengers Unpopular Photo

Unpopular Opinion: After 100 Years, Hollywood has Already Run Out of Ideas?

Have producers, directors, actors, and everyone else run out of ideas? The answer, given the preponderance of evidence, is yes.

End of Semester Playlist Photo

Arts Playlist: 5 Songs for Your End-of-Semester Mood Swings

At least you have this playlist to soothe you through your end-of-semester panic.

Blues Playlist Photo

Arts Playlist: The Moody Blues

Enjoy these songs that show the range of what blues has to offer.

Green Playlist Photo

Arts Playlist: Songs About Green, Arguably the Best Color

Though its multifaceted legacy is impossible to capture in one article alone, enjoy this playlist as a chance to celebrate ...

Contemporary Poets Photo

Top Five Contemporary Poets Right Now

Here are five living poets worthy of your attention.

Disney Still

What The Hell Happened: Disney Joins the Streaming Service World

One can’t help but wonder what will become of Netflix and other streaming services once Disney+ hits the ground running.

Hasan Minhaj Still

Top 5: Netflix Comedy Specials to Distract You From Your Work

Anyone who wants to watch an hour-long program need not go to a live show; Netflix offers countless comedy specials ...

What the Hell Happened: The Spectacle of da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi”

When we step away from the articles and chatter, we’re left with a strange realization that the art world ultimately ...

Captain Marvel logo

Unpopular Opinion: I’m Sick of Superhero Feminism

On the surface, it’s kind of ridiculous that it’s taken Marvel 11 years to release one movie led by a ...

GOT S8:E1 Still

Love Languages in ‘Game of Thrones’ in Final Season Premiere

Do you have a crush on Cersei, Drogon, or Bran? Want to know the way to their heart? Let’s see ...

Cersei Lannister Photo

Unpopular Opinion: Cersei Lannister Isn’t a Heartless Bitch

Get an ice pack for this hot take because it’s time to start liking Cersei.

YA Novels Photo

Top 5 Most Overrated YA Novels

Get ready to cringe on this trip down memory lane, because this top five probably features a slew of your ...