Ariana Grande still

Unpopular Opinion: Ariana Grande Needs to Start Putting Her Voice to Good Use

Grande’s problem is not whether she has vocal prowess but rather that the quality of her music rarely matches her potential.

Karl Lagerfeld Career Overview Photo

Career Overview: Karl Lagerfeld

The designer’s death left behind a huge and complicated legacy — one that includes both groundbreaking art and shocking allegations ...

Winter Arts Playlist Photo

Arts Playlist: A Non-Christmas Music Winter Playlist

Listening to these songs will have you fully embracing the winter beauty around you.

break up with your girlfriend

Music Video Breakdown: 'break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored' by Ariana Grande

The attention Ariana focuses on the girl rather than the boy seems like an interesting choice of narrative, perhaps foreshadowing ...

Ryan Adams Phoebe Bridgers

Why Phoebe Bridgers’s Take on the Breakup Song Matters in the Age of #MeToo

“Motion Sickness,” is now part of the larger picture of how Adams exploited the power imbalance between himself and promising ...

Top 5 Food Network

Top 5 Food Network Shows

From someone who has consumed Food Network since elementary school, here are the top five shows the Food Network has ...

Arts Playlist Midterms

Arts Playlist: Best Study Break Jams

While listening to this playlist, there’s no p-set you can’t take on or study guide that’s too long.

Top 5 Movie Trailers

Top Five Movies Coming Out This Summer

Here are five of the best trailers for films coming out this summer. Let’s hope the actual movies compare.

Billy Porter Image

On the Oscars Red Carpet, the Main Statement Was Fashion

The fashion at the 2019 Academy Awards was unusually serene. Stars could focus on aesthetics, comfort, and most importantly, having ...

Game of Thrones still

What The Hell Happened: Game of Thrones Teasers

Anyone familiar with “Game of Thrones,” or rather with its fans, knows that any small tease of the upcoming season ...

Top Five Lana

Top Five Lana Del Rey Songs

Get ready for this top five that features Lana’s best, including a little bit from every album, and not the ...

"Rent" Still

This Year in LGBTQ+ Media: 2005

As more states began to consider the legalization of same-sex marriage, mass media realized the money-making potential of queer topics ...

jazzercise image

This Year in Fashion: 1980s

When someone says, “fashion in the 1980s,” a few things immediately come to mind: bright, flashy clothing, overstated accessories, tight ...

East Asian Angst

Arts Playlist: Best Underrated East Asian Angst-fests

These pieces vary on the spectrum of pop and rock, but they all capture something romantic (in the nineteenth century ...

Diana Ross

What The Hell Happened: Diana Ross Lets Loose At The Grammys

In Ross’s appearance at the Grammys two weeks ago, she sang two songs and, notably, concluded by shouting “Happy birthday ...

Playlist Trent Reznor Still

Arts Playlist: 10 Trent Reznor Instrumentals

Trent Reznor, the king of industrial rock/metal and frontman for Nine Inch Nails, has been making distorted, minimalist instrumental music ...