Hannah Montana Tour

I’ll Always Remember You: Celebrating 15 Years of ‘Hannah Montana’

“Hannah Montana” first aired on March 24, 2006, and this past week marked its 15th anniversary.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shrimp Tails

What the Hell Happened: Shrimp Tails in Cinnamon Toast Crunch

On March 22, Jensen Karp tweeted this picture with the caption “why are there shrimp tails in my cereal?” and ...

Addison Rae "Obsessed" Music Video Still

Influencers-Turned-Singers Will Continue Forever

In an unsurprising move, TikTok star Addison Rae released her debut single “Obsessed” this month, a short song that highlights ...

Kylie Jenner

What the Hell Happened: Kylie Jenner Asks Fans to Pay Makeup Artist’s Medical Bills

Kylie Jenner sparked outrage after a simple post on her Instagram story asking her fans to donate to the GoFundMe ...

Harry Styles performing.

Harry Styles Can No Longer Be the Face Behind the Battle Against Toxic Masculinity

Harry Styles has consistently mixed elements of both masculinity and femininity into his sense of style, but why has he ...

Doja Cat "Streets" Music Video

Music Video Breakdown: Doja Cat’s ‘Streets’

Like most other Doja Cat music videos, “Streets” is bizarre and infused with many sexual themes.

Silk Sonic "Leave the Door Open" Official Video

Music Video Breakdown: Silk Sonic’s ‘Leave the Door Open’

The music video for “Leave the Door Open” is a care-free blast from the past.


Arts Playlist: Songs for Stargazing

The songs in this playlist are the perfect soundtrack for your stargazing experience, so make sure to dress warm, turn ...

Billie Eilish Documentary Film

Billie Eilish and the Exploitative Nature of Fame

To be a young female artist like Billie Eilish is to become okay with being broken and aware that it ...

Symone as Harriet Tubman

Jasmine Masters was Right: Symone's Snub and What it Means for Racial Politics on ‘RuPaul's Drag Race’

It’s disappointing to see what “RuPaul’s Drag Race” has become. Symone should have won this week's episode with her iconic ...

Emma Stone as Cruella

Movie Trailer Breakdown: Disney’s ‘Cruella’

As far as Disney villains go, Cruella’s “101 Dalmatians” isn't the most grand — yet her skunk-themed hair and hatred ...

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The Most Important Couple in the Entire World

After almost seven years of marriage, four children, and 11 seasons of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim Kardashian and ...

DaBaby Beatbox "Freestyle" Music Video

What the Hell Happened: JoJo Siwa vs. DaBaby?

In DaBaby’s recently released “Beatbox ‘Freestyle’,” the rapper seemingly takes a swing at 17-year-old YouTube superstar JoJo Siwa.


Movie Trailer Breakdown: ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’

Ahead of the release of “Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” a director's cut re-release of the 2017 film “Justice League,” on ...

Billie Eilish and Rosalía

Everything Wrong with Casting Billie Eilish and Rosalía as “Latinx”

Spotify placed Billie Eilish and Rosalía's song, "Lo Vas a Olvidar," in their ¡Viva Latino! playlist, even though neither Billie ...