5 Types of Healthcare You Can Get Without Leaving Your Dorm Room

Your schedule is busy enough. Don’t let your health slow you down. Nurx, a company providing specialized, personalized healthcare to people across the nation, could be the answer to your medical needs, saving you both time and stress when it comes to getting your prescriptions on time and right at your door.

With Nurx, you can request medication and tests sent to your home from your home! Nurx offers a range of prescriptions including birth control, prescription acne and rosacea treatment, migraine treatment, PrEP, and herpes medicine. Its flexible payment scheme makes healthcare even more accessible than ever, billing your insurance if you have it or maintaining affordable prices if you don’t. You can get started any time at the Nurx website or app—no need to schedule an appointment or even a phone call.

Built on the belief that healthcare should be unconditional, Nurx is redefining healthcare in a way that makes vital medications and tests available and deliverable to virtually everyone. Founded in 2015 with the mission of making birth control more accessible, Nurx is now the leading online provider of contraception and has expanded into other areas of care, with more to come. Nurx’s team of world class medical providers are at your fingertips to protect and guide you to the right treatment plans. Whether you are a college student whose busy lifestyle warrants a helping hand or even just someone looking for a more convenient mode of healthcare, Nurx could be the perfect fit for you. Click below and find out which of their services is best for you!

Birth Control

Can’t decide which birth control is right for you? Nurx is here to help! Just answer a few questions on Nurx’s online health assessment and within a day or two one of Nurx’s medical providers will be in touch and help determine which form of birth control fits your needs and will work best with your lifestyle. Choose from the 50+ different brand and generic options that Nurx prescribes.

Once you work with Nurx’s medical experts to select a birth control formula, licensed providers will write you a prescription that can be delivered to your dorm in discreet, unbranded packaging with free shipping. No need to remember to refill your prescription! Nurx will automatically refill it on schedule and send it to your doorstep in a timely manner.

“After several issues with my local pharmacy getting prescriptions filled I thought there had to be a better way. I found Nurx and filled out the questionnaire and my new prescription was on the way within just a few days - no trip to the pharmacy, no waiting in long lines..I just have to pick up the mail! And if I ever need anything, service is just a text away. Nurx can't be beat.” - Emily, Testimonial from Nurx’s website

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Acne Treatment

Having trouble clearing up your skin? Use Nurx! Share your acne history and a few photos with a team of medical professionals who will review and provide your personalized treatment plan! Nurx will even send it to you and follow up to make sure it’s working! Nurx treats anything ranging from mild and moderate acne to hormonal acne and even body acne.

After reviewing your case, you will be prescribed topical medications (like tretinoin or topical antibiotics), as well as oral medication, if necessary. The oral medication options include oral antibiotics, hormone counteractors, or birth control.

The next steps are receiving your prescription and soon after discreetly receiving your medication, delivered right to your dorm for free! Nurx will bill insurance for your medication, and offers affordable pricing for those without insurance.

Want a break from the prescriptions? Nurx also offers a set of dermatologist recommended skin care products that complement their prescriptions. These are also available without a prescription!

“Seriously I am just over the moon with how great the care, service and promptness of NURX. I have been struggling with acne from my BC with ZERO help from my dermatologist for years. I’m so excited to have found this company!” - Carly, Testimonial from Nurx’s website

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Migraine Treatment

Do you have migraines or tension headaches but don’t have time to see an in-person doctor? Nurx’s medical team can help in three simple steps. Nurx’s migraine specialists evaluate your headaches through an online consultation, create a personalized plan to treat your migraines or tension headaches, and deliver medication directly to your door, with free shipping and automatic refills.

Nurx’s pharmacy provides a comprehensive variety of medications including preventative medications, pain-relieving medication, and anti-nausea medications, but if you need one that isn’t carried, Nurx will call a local pharmacy near you for pickup.

Nurx will continue to provide ongoing care with a headache tracker and scheduled online check-ins with Nurx medical providers.

“I have been putting off getting migraine medicine for ages because I didn't want to go into a medical facility during COVID unless absolutely necessary. Nurx allowed me to get medication and be prepared for when the next migraine hits - without taking any unnecessary risks. Everyone I worked with has been very helpful and the process went smoothly.” - Jennifer, Testimonial from Nurx’s website

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STI Testing

Avoid the hassle of going to your doctor, get STI testing sent straight to your dorm room with Nurx! Answer a few health questions and the medical team will order a home test kit to be sent to your doorstep in discreet packaging. Nurx offers testing for a range of STIs through various collection methods, including finger-prick blood collection, urine tests and vaginal, throat and rectal swabs (depending on what tests you request).

Once you decide on a kit, Nurx will get your order quickly delivered to your dorm in discreet packaging. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions to collect your samples and send them to their partner lab. Don’t worry--it’s easy and painless to collect your samples, in your own bathroom in 15 minutes or less and Nurx sends you a prepaid label and return envelope so you can just drop your samples in the mail when you’re done

Once your sample is tested, your results will be sent to you in less than seven business days. Reach out to Nurx’s team at any time if you have questions along the way. If you test positive for an STI, Nurx has you covered. Medical experts will write you a prescription or connect you with the appropriate in-person care.

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Emergency Contraceptive

Accidents happen. Nurx provides emergency contraception before you need it, or when you need it now, with expedited shipping. Nurx can prescribe Ella, a prescription-only morning-after pill that may work for up to five days after unprotected sex.

Nurx also sells New Day, a generic form of plan B, which is available without a prescription. Taken within 3 days of unprotected sex, it can lower your chance of pregnancy. However, prescription-only Ella, may be more effective and is recommended for people who weigh more than 165 pounds.

If you do need an emergency contraceptive, Nurx can deliver it fast and discreetly, offering expedited shipping if you order before 1:00 PM EST from Monday to Thursday. However, it’s a better idea to request emergency contraception before you need it, so you’ll always have it on hand.

Meet with Nurx’s team to decide what’s right for you!

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