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A Ghostly Tour of Harvard Square

The tour doesn’t guarantee spiritual encounters, though it does promise to “entertain and perhaps freak you out.” And so, on a chilly Thursday night, I went to see if it would make me into a believer.

So a Witch, a Voodoo Master, and a Warlock Walk Into a Market...

We’re stuck behind a cluster of middle-aged women clad in black tulle and felt witch hats. It’s early on a Friday evening in Salem, Mass., and after unsuccessfully trying to locate the Psychic Fair and Witch’s Market, which we traveled 26.2 miles to visit, we decide it’s a safe bet to follow the gaggle of witches.

And the Band Plays On

The street bands gathered in this rainy, Somerville square have come from around the country — and world — for the Honk! Festival, a three-day event held each Indigenous Peoples’ Day weekend for activist street bands to parade, party, and play in support of their respective, broadly leftist causes.

When Fandom Becomes Family

The sincerity with which the Leakycon attendees treat panels and merchandise stores alike reveals an enduring relationship to Harry Potter: a conception of the Potterdom as an evolving universe with abiding relevance to modern life.

"Queenie" and "Newt Scamander" at LeakyCon

Dank G. Marletto and Jay McDougall, cosplaying as Queenie Goldstein and Newt Scamander, have attended numerous LeakyCon over the past few years, Marletto noting "Harry Potter is home. It's where I found that I just belong".

Character Panel at LeakyCon

Stanislav Yanevski ("Victor Krum"), Dan Fogler ("Jacob Kowalski"), Luke Youngblood ("Lee Jordan"), Louis Cordite ("Blaise Zabini"), and Chris Rankin ("Percy Weasley") sit on a panel reminiscing fondly about behind the scenes shenangians of the Harry Potter film series.

Wandmaker at LeakyCon

Lisa B. Laslo and her husband Greg E. Laslo opened the Hungarian Wand Shop after he carved a wand for his nephew. Their endeavour has taken them around the world selling hand-carved wands, currently attending their 9th LeakyCon.

Understanding the Pumpkin

MIT junior Maxwell Yun admires the beauty of a deep blue glass pumpkin, priced at $245.

Bacon on Wheels

There are a half-dozen food trucks offering everything from lobster rolls to curry, but the dominant smell is that of smoky, greasy pork. The overwhelming scent wafts from the Bacon Truck, a millennial pink pigmented vehicle decorated with cartoon rashers.

Harvard Underground

“I think the argument of this class is that way more people made Harvard ‘Harvard’ than just the guys in the starch suits in the 1886 photographs,” Nowak explains.

All Roads Lead to Fluff

The “What the Fluff” festival, jointly organized by Union Square Main Streets and the Somerville Arts Council, celebrates the creation of marshmallow fluff, which turns 102 this year.

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