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Avril Lavigne in the video for "Head Above Water."
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Music Video Breakdown: ‘Head Above Water’ by Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne’s “Head Above Water” makes it clear: There’s a battle raging on, and it extends far beyond the realm of music.

Still from the "Shrek 2" trailer.
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Unpopular Opinion: ‘Shrek 2’ is Better Than ‘Shrek’

The sequel takes everything that’s great about “Shrek” and makes it 10 times more entertaining.

Drake in concert at The Forum in Los Angeles, CA.
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What the Hell Happened: Drake Now Co-owns an Esports Company

In a world where the legitimacy of esports is questioned by so many, celebrity figures’ support for the scene (both financially and otherwise) helps solidify it as a vertical market in the world of entertainment.


Comics Unfiltered: Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo

At its core, the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo is a celebration of independent comics and the freedom associated with owning your work.

Whole Heart Provisions

Whole Heart Provisions Brings a Taste of LA to Cambridge

It’s time to move over, Clover. Healthy just got a whole lot tastier.

Ramen at Yume Wo Katare

Community Ramen Hotspot Still the Stuff of Dreams

Above a swooping, hand-painted “Yume Wo Katare,” the restaurant’s sign reads “until 2030.” Yet after just one meal here, it is easy to imagine this cheeky community of dreamers keeping its doors open for much longer.

Tasty Bites at the Smoke Shop
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The Smoke Shop: Assembly Row’s Basilica of Barbecue

Andy Husbands is not interested in pushing barbecue into a new frontier, but rather seeks to worship it as it exists: meats and sides that need not be fancy to be delicious.

Patti Smith on the cover of "Horses."
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This Year in Rock Music: 1975

The year 1975 was characterized by a series of rock album releases that defined careers, pushed boundaries, and inspired musicians for generations to come.

30 Rock
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Top 5 ‘30 Rock’ Episodes, Curated by a Proudly Biased Superfan

Each "30 Rock" episode is a whirlwind, a screwball adventure packed with wisecracks that’ll whiz by if you don’t pay careful attention.

Adventures in New America Cover
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‘Adventures in New America’ is a Masterful Blend of Societal Critique and Absurdity

“Adventures in New America” will turn heads and start conversation, not only because of the show’s embrace of the absurd but also because of its desire to make a clear social statement and explore the black identity today.

The Habitat Cover
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‘The Habitat’ Fails Initial Launch, but Later Takes Off

“The Habitat” is a program that is initially attractive for its crazy, futuristic premise, but soon becomes more enjoyable for the interpersonal dynamics of the HI-SEAS team and the reveal of surprisingly unglamorous parts of astronaut life.

Illustration of Kanye and Lil Pump on SNL.
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What The Hell Happened: Kanye Trolling On SNL

Even if Kanye West had left his MAGA hat at home, his appearance on “Saturday Night Live” would have given us plenty to discuss.

Lore Cover
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The Horror Genre Takes a Page out of History Textbooks in 'Lore'

Just as the most effective lies often hold a grain of truth, the most terrifying stories are usually grounded in reality. Nonfiction horror podcast “Lore” is proof of that.

Saloniki Food
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A Taste of ‘Filoxenia’ in the Square

Saloniki has managed to capture the spirit of “filoxenia,” bringing its diners an overwhelming sense of warmth and hospitality with each bite.

A car in front of Staples.
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Five Great Short Stories by Asian-American Writers

Here are five fun short stories by Asian-American writers.