‘Wake, Siren’ Reads Like a Creative Writing Exercise

Fans of Greek mythology will enjoy the familiar cast of characters and appreciate the way they are being represented in a new light.

Einstein's Unfinished Revolution

Lee Smolin, author of the recently released book “Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution”, gives a talk on Wednesday evening in the Science Center. His book discusses Einstein’s quantum mechanics and its limitations on our understanding of the world.

Ronan Farrow's New Book

The Harvard Bookstore recently welcomed Ronan Farrow, a Pulitzer-Prize winning investigative reporter, for a discussion of his highly anticipated book, "Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators".

Portrait of an Artist: Erin Morgenstern Talks Video Games and Myth-Making in ‘The Starless Sea’

Morgenstern spoke with The Harvard Crimson about “The Starless Sea,” video games, myth-making, and her ideas for her next big project.

‘Find Me’ a Piercing Account of Authentic Love in Maturity

"Find Me” is a truly remarkable achievement of love beyond the honeymoon teenage years.

Einstein Book Talk

Theoretical physicist and writer Dr. S. James Gates Jr. spoke on Wednesday evening about his newly released book titled "Proving Einstein Right" and the inspiration for its publication.

Ronan Farrow Is the Real Deal

Farrow's new book paints the picture of a system of intimidation operated by powerful men in order to silence their accusers — one full of spies, lies, and shadowy contracts.

Physicist Sylvester J. Gates, Jr. Discusses History of Relativity At Harvard

The conversation — which was moderated by Harvard physics graduate student Delilah E. A. Gates — promoted the book “Proving Einstein Right,” co-authored by Sylvester Gates and novelist Cathie Pelletier.

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