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Harvard College Democrats Vote to Endorse a US Senate Candidate

Harvard Dems Endorse Markey

The Harvard College Democrats, which has not endorsed a candidate in a primary since at least the last five years, broke the tradition Tuesday night, voting 36-1 to support U.S. Rep. Edward J. Markey of Medford in his race against U.S. Rep. Stephen F. Lynch of South Boston.

Student Life

Gaining Scope, Finding Focus Far from Home

Despite the unique experience offered by study abroad, many undergraduates are still reluctant to leave behind aspects of college life—extracurriculars, friends, and House culture—in order to start anew in a foreign environment.

Student Life

CSA Celebrates New Year

The annual celebration was organized by the Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association, and included performances by the Asian-American Dance Troupe, the Harvard Breakers, and the Harvard Din and Tonics.


Student Reports Assault in Quincy Courtyard

A female undergraduate reported being assaulted in the Quincy House courtyard early Monday morning, according to an advisory emailed by the Harvard University Police Department to members of the Harvard community.

Why Atheism Matters

Atheists Discuss Stigma Surrounding Lack of Faith

Students and community members gathered in Lamont Forum Room on Monday evening for an open discussion on atheism. The panel event “Why Atheism Matters” was the kick-off for “Atheist Coming Out Week.”

Undergraduate Council

UC Discusses New Junior Week Programs

During their general meeting on Sunday, representatives of the Undergraduate Council discussed programming ideas for a small-scale “Junior Week” which is slated to take place Thursday through Saturday on Junior parents weekend.

Student Groups

Undergraduates Create New Initiative To Focus on Maternal Health

Two undergraduates have transformed what began as an inspirational conversation with a journalist into an emerging campus initiative dedicated to improving maternal health.

Singles Mingle
Gender and Sexuality

Students Seek Friends, Lovers at Speed Dating Event

Dozens of students flocked to the Harvard Independent’s annual speed dating event Thursday night in search of love—or, for the first time this year, friendship.


Government 1310 Verdicts Leave Door Open for Lawsuits

Days after Harvard announced the results of its massive Government 1310 cheating investigation, lawyers who have consulted with accused students say the door is still open for legal challenges against the University.


Off of Laptops, On Task?

As Harvard embraces digital learning with the launch of online education platform EdX, professors in traditional Harvard classrooms are asking undergraduates to keep off of laptops and on task during class, hoping to eliminate the temptation to surf the Internet.

SEAS Enrollment

SEAS Enrollment

Romance Languages


Romance Languages

Studying the Uncommon

In the seventeenth century, Harvard students were required to take three years each of Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Syriac as well as demonstrate fluency in Latin as part of their graduation requirements, according to The Crimson.


Sororities Extend Bids to 174 Women

174 pairs of hands rushed to tear open envelopes containing cards revealing the identity of their new sisters. The women shrieked with excitement as they ran to locate their sororities.

SEAS Enrollment

CS Leads Concentration Growth in SEAS

The computer science concentration has nearly doubled in size in the last two years and continues to drive growth in Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, according to new data released by the SEAS Communications Office.