FYRE 2018

Fired Up About FYRE

The wildly positive response from participating freshmen is a testament to the skill and initiative displayed by these leaders and their intensive efforts.


Reconsidering the Student Health Insurance Plan

In particular, forcing students to choose between important medical procedures or face massive out of pocket costs is deeply troubling.

Athletics Complex

A New Direction For Athletics — But Which One?

Before considering any specifics and implementing any changes, the University must reflect and clarify the role of athletics at Harvard, since it is impossible to move to more detailed processes without an explicit, well-understood goal.

Adam K. Mortara

Navigating the Affirmative Action Debate

Feeling discriminated against and ascribed a personality on the basis of racial origin is a terrible experience, just as much as having one’s very existence at the University or other places of higher learning threatened and delegitimized.

Marching Band at Inauguration

Bad Jokes

These incidents cannot be taken as individual mistakes, but as signs of a larger, prevailing culture that the Harvard community — alumni included — must continue to confront with the utmost seriousness.

Long Exposure Harvard Square

The Case for a Car Free Harvard Square

Many of these proposed safety reforms hold some promise, but the most effective way of ending pedestrian deaths is by removing cars from Harvard Square entirely.

University Hall Morning

Our Harvard Can and Needs To Do Better

We implore the University to reevaluate both its administrative policies as well as the culture it perpetuates so that it not only seeks change, but achieves it.


Women of Harvard Athletics Speak Out

This work is only the beginning, and we are glad to see WHA pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a female athlete on our campus and how our community can support these women in their competition and care of self.

Widener Library

Changing Libraries — But Not Too Much

The future of Harvard libraries must strike a balance between preserving its historic character and functions and the modernization that has been the hallmark of recent years.

Title IX Office

New Anonymous Title IX Reporting Form Must Be Promoted

We hope Harvard will continue to work with students to increase awareness as this tool goes into effect. Information and support is essential, and students should have more knowledge about the resources available to them.

Harvard Graduate Students Union

To Strike or Not to Strike?

We support the union’s right to decide what is best for itself and to leverage its power as an invaluable source of labor at the University in this negotiation.

Vape Shop Ban Impact

More Research is Needed on Vaping

Particularly because this issue significantly affects college-age students, Harvard should spearhead research efforts into vaping and work to better understand the health effects of these devices.

Massachusetts Hall

Defending DACA, and Everyone Else

In light of the scale of the uncertainty they face, Harvard must defend and advocate for their well-being in all facets of college life. To the extent that the amicus brief furthers those ends, we support it.

University Hall

Still Waiting for Nuance

Now, following the DSO’s decision to discipline student organizations who elect members of these social clubs via tips from other students, we ask for more nuance once again.

Law School in The Summer

The Juniors Harvard Law is Attracting

While this effort is crucial to the success and lasting significance of JDP, the program assumes a certain amount of privilege from its potential applicants.