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Flyby Ranks: Dean Khurana’s Best Playlists

A little known fact about Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana? He's also a Spotify playlist KING. Dive into the many excellent playlists from this iconic Dean – maybe he should pick up a DJ gig on the side?

How To: Form a Family With Your Freshmen Roomies

So you asked for three roommates and instead got one? Or maybe you asked for one and got six? You said that you wanted to sleep at 3 a.m., but instead got paired with a bunch of kids who go to sleep at 8 p.m.? Every night? The rooming situation for freshmen isn’t always ideal. But hey, try to make the best of it!

How To: Eat When Your G-Cal Doesn’t Have Space for Meals

It’s the time of year where there’s more ~color~ everywhere—in the trees, in our lives, and most importantly, in our Google Calendars. And with the Add/Drop deadline behind us, those long days without lunch breaks are now officially here to stay. But never fear: Flyby is here to teach you how to get those carbs (and veggies) in, even in the busiest of weeks.

House Mascots Ranked by Eco-Friendliness

While Housing Day is still (unfortunately) a semester away, it is never too early to reignite the House pride that all us upperclassmen have and that first-years will eventually be infected with. To help with that, we're blessing you with a ranking of house mascots based on the only criteria that matters: environmental impact. Because let’s be real, every House thinks it’s the best, so we needed to get a little bit objective here.

How to: Save Yourself When You’ve Mis-identified Someone

Masks may protect us against Covid-19, but they definitely do not protect us against awkward interactions. In fact, leave a lot of room for them. What do I mean? Imagine this: you’re walking out of the Science Center and you see someone that you are convinced you remember from a Zoom class.

Tag Yourself: Harvard Square Establishments

We know them, we love them, we claw our way through tourists in front of them — but have you ever wondered which Harvard Square business you are in your soul? Wonder no longer, because Flyby’s got you covered.

Tag Yourself: Dean Khurana Edition

To procrastinate on everything else I should be doing, I created this Tag Yourself: Rakesh Edition to determine which version of Dean Khurana you align with most. All photos are sourced from his lovely Instagram (which you are now following if you weren’t previously). Stop what you’re doing and tag urself RIGHT NOW.

How to: Catch a Glimpse of Remy the Cat

You know him, you love him, you desperately want to find him almost as much as you want to end up on Dean Khurana's Instagram page. Well, you're in luck! Follow these steps and we'll make sure you're able to find this icon of the Yard.

Things To Ask Those Guys in Suits During Punch Season

Sure, they may look dapper, but I can’t help but have some questions. Are they going on an adventure on their scooter to a punch event… perhaps. But, I can also choose to believe that an even cooler destination is in store on a Tuesday evening. If you too want to ask some nicely dressed people a question as you contemplate your own life on your way to Lamont at 9 p.m., here are some starting points to get the convo flowing.

Flyby Tries: TJ’s Fall Snacks

Roses are red, violets are blue, Trader Joe’s fall treats are here, and we’ve tried some for you! It’s that time of year again: sweater weather, crunchy leaves, and pumpkin-spice everything. On our mission to find the best fall-themed snacks, Trader Joe’s comes once again to our rescue, giving us a reason (or excuse?) to make the trip to our favorite grocery store (please sponsor us, TJ).

Flyby Ranks: Recruitment Methods of a Certain Semi-Secret Organization

Recruitment season has just ended and all the clubs have been hard at work looking for new members. From flooding email lists, offering free foods and drinks, to promising awesome merch, every single organization at Harvard is pulling out all the stops to woo new members.

Open Letter to the Rats of Harvard

I’ve been in Cambridge for more than a month now but have not seen much of you in a long time. I guess now that I’m at the Quad you don’t feel like paying me a visit, but surprises are always nice. I remember the days at Mather during my freshman year where you would run against the prison walls in sync like secret agents in the shadows.

Being the Main Character: Shuttle Edition

I’d like to dedicate this article to all my fellow Quad inhabitants, along with anyone who has a class in the SEAS building, and all those who generally are opposed to walking anywhere. You might be wondering, what common factor unites these groups? Well, there are two — being the main character and spending time on the shuttle.

Plants Need Water (and other things)

With promises of fall sweaters and pumpkin-flavored everything, the leaves outside are starting to turn a brilliant red and orange. Unfortunately, the leaves on our indoor plants have also decided to change. Whether you’re looking to buy a new plant or keep your existing plants healthy, hopefully this list helps your babies grow and thrive!

Things to Do While Waiting For the Shuttle

As is the case in life, many things only happen in our dreams: finishing a pset before the day it’s due, a full eight hours of sleep, and the shuttle being there for you when you actually need it. Whether you’re going to class from the Quad or Mather, returning back home after a long day of walking, or trying to visit the new SEAS complex, the shuttle is always necessary and never on schedule. And since we’re busy students, it’s probably a good idea to be ~productive~ when spending those many hours waiting for it to arrive.

Flyby's Fall 2021 Playlist

Yesterday was the official first day of fall, so we're kicking off with a Flyby classic: a Fall 2021 playlist for all your listening needs. Enjoy with a nice walk around the Yard and a warm drink of your choice<3

Flyby’s Guide to Open Spaces on Campus

Welcome to (or back to) campus! What a relief to finally be able to see everyone in person and gasp over the unexpected heights of everyone you met on Zoom. But, why are all your favorite spots on campus closed or functioning on the weirdest hours ever? Well, welcome to Flyby’s official guide to what spaces are currently open on campus and exactly when you can enjoy them.

Flyby’s Guide to Falling in Love with Fall

Finally having an in-person semester means the return of midterms, men in suits, and David Malan’s sweat. If that isn’t enough to look forward to, being on campus means we’ll finally be able to enjoy New England’s least-worst season: fall! With the official start of fall happening tomorrow – and as a New England native – here are my favorite ways to enjoy the fall that doesn’t involve crying over midterms.

Alternative Icebreakers That Are Actually Interesting

We're coming up on week four of school, and would be shocked if you're not already tired of the same old icebreakers that every club does. Hopefully, these help get the ~juices flowing~ for a bit more exciting icebreakers!

An Unconventional Senior Fall Bucket List

Yeah, yeah, yeah — you know what your FOP leader told you about the John Harvard Statue, Widener Stacks, and first day of reading period. Snooze fest. We’re back on campus, and for those of us who are in our final fall, it’s time to graduate to the big boy bucket list. Here’s some tasks for any senior who feels like they’re really up to the challenge.

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