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Superpowers Harvard Students Wish They Had

Harvard students seem to "have it all," but then again, they can't fly. Or find love.

Year in Review - Diversity: Laundry Room
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First Year Guide to Laundry

Whether you're a helpless first year or lazy senior, you might have never done your own laundry before.

Leverett Formal
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Last Ditch Attempts to Snag your Crush Before The Semester Ends

With only three weeks left in the semester, now is the time to woo that kid you make uncomfortable, prolonged eye contact with in Quincy dhall.

Maxwell Dworkin Showers
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Let's Talk About the Showers in Maxwell Dworkin

We're told that engineers don't bathe, but Maxwell Dworkin apparently has showers in the building. Curious...

Serentiy Room
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How to Practice Self-Care During Reading Period and Finals

When you’re stressed and tired, your work performance and efficiency suffers as well. Taking some time to relax can actually save you time in the long run.

This Week In Photos Apr 16
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This Week In Photos: Apr. 16 - Apr. 20

It may have been a chilly, rainy week—but it was the last full week of class. Hold on.

Prefrosh Bags at Visitas
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Oh, The Prefrosh You'll See At Visitas

Prepare yourselves, students and prefrosh alike, because the Yard is about to be flooded with high schoolers. These are the ones to watch out for.

Summer in Cambridge
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Why You Shouldn’t Do Anything This Summer

Didn't get that big-deal internship you wanted? Let it slide, because not doing anything this summer could be exactly what you need.

Visitas Back Packs
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Prefrosh: Be Smart

So, Class of 2022, you're ready to skip school and crowd into Cambridge for Visitas. But there's some things you should know first.

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PSA: Harvard Could Get a Cardi B Concert

Did you know that Harvard could be the lucky recipient of a Cardi B concert? All it takes is some intense Tinder use.

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Veritawkward Tackles Siblings and Scaredy Cats

Drunken hookups with your best friend's sister? A relationship that you were more invested in than the other person was? Check and check. Veritawkward has answers for you.

Wale and Lil Yachty
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What to Know About Wale and Lil Yachty

So you know that Lil Yachty and Wale are our Yardfest headliners...but you have no clue who they are. We're here to educate you.

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The Types of People at MQC

If you've taken a math class at Harvard, you've been to MQC. And we know you've seen all of these people.

Hi berg
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How To Avoid People in the Dhall

It's hard to avoid the dhall, but it doesn't have to be impossible to avoid specific people in that dhall...we've got you covered with some tips.

Science and Cooking Lecture Series
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Mid-Class Musings

We've all had some version of this internal dialogue with ourselves in a 9 a.m. lecture.