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Gen Ed Transition in Flux, Upperclassmen Offer Mixed Reactions

For current juniors and seniors, the gradual move to the new Gen Ed program has been met with a range of reactions.

The Most Savage Q-Guide Comments of 2016

If you're looking for another way to procrastinate in the course search for this semester, check out these Q-Guide comments. Some are hilarious, some are desperate, and some are just truly disturbing.

Following Transition, Gen Ed Course Enrollment Drops

​Courses in the General Education Program have seen enrollment drops in all categories this past semester, according to Stephanie H. Kenen, the administrative director of Gen Ed.

Princeton’s Gen Ed Proposals Mirror Harvard Program

In an Oct. 20 report, Princeton’s Task Force on General Education wrote that it had consulted a series of peer institutions, including Harvard

Faculty Consider Vision for New Gen Ed Courses

The chair of the General Education standing committee Edward J. Hall, also chair of the Philosophy Department, presented a vision for ideal courses and discussed opportunities and challenges for faculty teaching new Gen Ed courses.

Students in Gen Ed Transition Will Choose Between Programs

During the transition to the revamped Gen Ed program, students will choose to fulfill requirements under either the new or the old system, according to Faculty of Arts and Sciences Registrar Michael P. Burke.

Administrators Eye Fall 2018 for Launch of New Gen Ed

Administrators are considering a fall 2018 launch for the revamped General Education program, according to Gen Ed committee chair Edward J. Hall, a move that could make access to the new program a possibility for current freshmen.

Student Leaders Surprised at Gen Ed Change

Student leaders expressed surprise regarding recent changes to the new General Education program, approved by a vote of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences on Tuesday, though they were quick to voice support for the alterations.

Faculty to Vote on Music, Gen Ed Programs

Members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences will vote on a dual degree music program and on new legislation for the College’s program in General Education at Tuesday’s Faculty meeting.

New Sexual Ethics Course Offered Amid Campus Discussions

Amid ongoing discussions about sexual assault and consent on campus, the new General Education course Ethical Reasoning 42: “Sexual Ethics as Ethical Reasoning” asks students to challenge their preconceived notions about sex and morality.

History Department Divided Over Potential Loss of 'Study of the Past'

Members of the History Department remain divided over the absence of a “Study of the Past” requirement in the General Education Review Committee’s final report released in January.

FAS Stresses Smooth Gen Ed Transition

​Once the Faculty approve a new program in General Education, all students will choose Gen Ed courses from the same, revamped offerings, according to Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Michael D. Smith.

After Gen Ed Proposal, Teaching Campaign Looks Ahead

After a committee reviewing General Education recommended a program-wide section target of 12 students, members of a graduate student campaign aimed at lowering section sizes are reevaluating their priorities.

Committee on Undergraduate Education Discusses Gen Ed Transition

​Undergraduates who have taken General Education courses under current categories will receive credit for those classes after the Faculty of Arts and Sciences rolls out a revamped program, according to Stephanie H. Kenen, the Administrative Director for Gen Ed.

Ec 10b is Largest Course for Third Consecutive Spring

Economics 10b: “Principles of Economics” is once again the largest course in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, marking the third consecutive year it has achieved that distinction, according to data from the registrar’s office.

Faculty Council Disscuses Gen Ed Legislation, Jazz Music Program

​Members of the Faculty Council on Wednesday heard proposals on new General Education legislation and a joint jazz program between Harvard and the Berklee College of Music, topics that will be presented at the faculty’s first meeting of the semester next week.

Gen Ed Proposals Could Increase Job Security for Humanities Ph.D.s

​Each semester, hundreds of students shop one of professor Shaye J.D. Cohen’s General Education courses on the Hebrew Bible, enticed by the possibility of fulfilling a requirement while receiving an “easy A.”

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