House Renewal

Adams House Expected to Begin Renovations in June 2019

Adams construction is expected to overlap slightly with the two years of construction on Lowell House, which is set to begin in June and end in August 2019, according to FAS Dean Michael D. Smith.

Lowell Renovation

Two construction workers walk past Lowell House on Wednesday afternoon. The renovation of Lowell House, part of Harvard’s House renewal initiative, is slated to begin in June 2017.

Lowell House Renovation Designs Include New Common Spaces

New architectural renderings of Lowell House released by the University on Wednesday offer a glimpse of plans for the House’s renovation.

Winthrop, Dunster, Dudley Begin Searches for New Resident Deans

Two upperclassmen residential Houses—Dunster and Winthrop—as well as the non-residential Dudley House are searching for new resident deans this spring.

Annenberg Renovation

Mmm… "bone apple tea."

Lowell Dining Hall Name Change Draws Little Notice From Students

​After an alumni donation, Lowell House recently renamed its dining hall to Lee Hall. The new name is marked by a plaque above the piano near the dining hall entrance. Students had no strong reaction to the dining hall’s new name.

FAS May Allow Donors to Endow Faculty Deanships

Selling the name rights to Faculty Dean positions in the House of a donor's choice could be a much-needed revenue source for House renewal, FAS Dean Michael D. Smith said.

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