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Men's Basketball

Ivy League Archives: How Good was this year's Crimson?

By clinching at least a share of the Ivy League Basketball title this past weekend, Harvard became the fifth school ...

Men's Basketball

AROUND THE IVIES: Men's Basketball Ready for Road Test At Yale

The last two times the No. 23 Harvard men’s basketball team has stepped foot in Payne Whitney Gymnasium in New Haven, the result has been, well, pain. A lot of it.

Air Bully (Yale Sucks 2011)

'On Harvard Time' Releases 2011 Yale Sucks Video: 'Air Bully'

With The Game just days away "On Harvard Time" presents "Air Bully," the story of a safety school's struggling football team, its "piece-of-shit" player Josh, and Bully, a football-playing dog. Bully, who's certainly no Air Bud, inspires his fellow Elis to try to become more than just salutatorians, second-chair violinists, and student council vice-presidents. But will Bully lead Yale to victory? Will Josh remain a piece-of-shit forever? Watch the video—and The Game—to find out.

Widener at Sunrise

Endowments Around the Ivies

With much talk focusing on Harvard posting impressive returns on their endowment, bringing the value of investments to $32 billion, it's natural to wonder how the other Ivys stack up. While each institution increased their holding with consistent returns, Harvard's total endowments still dwarfs its Ivy neighbors.



Getting Back Up

Ivy League Tightens Restrictions on Full-Contact Football Practices

New regulations are aimed at decreasing the amount of player concussions, which have been linked to serious health risks.

Dating Websites
Ivy League

A Compilation of Dating Websites

If you're upset with your love life of late or feel like you're better at solving chemistry problem sets than developing chemistry with another student, help may be just a few short clicks away.

Harvard Law School

Obama Too Dumb for Columbia and Harvard?

As Donald Trump prepares his bid for the GOP presidential nomination, he continues his attacks on President Barack H. Obama, claiming Obama was a "terrible student" and questioning the president's ability to have attended both Columbia University and Harvard Law School.


Harvard Shares Books with Ivies

In a historic move, the Harvard University Library will begin sharing its approximately 17 million volumes with the seven other members of the Ivy League.



Harvard will begin sharing its books with other members of the Ivy League and MIT through the interlibrary sharing system Borrow Direct.


Dartmouth President Discusses Future of Global Health Delivery

Focusing on the delivery of health care will not only help reform the current, flawed medical system, but will also become the newest frontier in science, Dartmouth College President Jim Yong Kim said in a lecture at Harvard yesterday.

On Campus

Yale Consolidates Tailgate

The Yale College Council will host one school-wide tailgate for Bulldogs on Saturday in response to problems experienced with Yale’s multiple tailgates the last time the Game was played at Harvard in 2008.