Kirkland Shooting

Mistrial Possible in Kirkland Case

Defense attorney John A. Amabile said in court yesterday that he sees potential grounds for a mistrial in the case of accused Kirkland shooter Jabrai Jordan Copney because of an alleged conversation that took place Tuesday between his client and a witness in the case.

Kirkland Trial Day 7: Blayn Jiggetts Says It Wasn’t Worth It

Blayn Jiggetts—the defendant in the Kirkland shooting case who allegedly brought and loaded the gun that killed Justin Cosby—began his testimony yesterday in the trial of alleged shooter Jabrai Jordan Copney.

Kirkland Trial Day 6: Officers, Forensic Experts Discuss Physical Evidence

The second week of Jabrai Jordan Copney’s murder trial opened yesterday with a full day of testimony that focused heavily on forensic evidence.

Former Student Campbell Testifies Against Copney in Kirkland Shooting Trial

Two Ivy League drug dealers, one a former Harvard student and the other a Yale graduate, appeared in court on Friday to offer testimony against Jabrai Jordan Copney, the alleged gunman in the 2009 Kirkland shooting.

Kirkland Trial

Assistant District Attorneys David M. Solet and Daniel J. Bennett '85 and Associate Justice John T. Lu lead the jury of the Kirkland shooting case on a view of Kirkland House. The trip marked the beginning of thethe second day of evidence of alleged shooter Jabrai Jordan Copney.

Prosecutors Say Shooter Lured Victim to Kirkland Basement

Prosecutors said today that Jabrai Jordan Copney lured Justin Cosby, the victim of the May 2009 shooting in Kirkland House, into a basement where he was shot during a drug rip gone wrong.

Day 1: Opening Statements

Nearly two years after the May 2009 shooting in the basement of Kirkland House which killed 21-year-old Cambridge resident Justin Cosby and sent shock waves through the Harvard community, the man who allegedly fired the fatal shot is on trial for murder. Our reporters will be in the court room every day to bring you minute-to-minute coverage of the proceedings.

Kirkland Murder Trial Opens With Jury Selection

In the opening day of the murder trial of alleged Kirkland gunman Jabrai Jordan Copney yesterday, dozens of citizens paraded through the courtroom to be evaluated for spots in the jury box.

Judge Lu To Hear Kirkland Case

With a razor blade resting on her tongue, Debbie Moccia threatened Associate Justice John “Jack” T. Lu’s court that she would commit suicide by swallowing the blade unless sent to a state hospital instead of prison.

Judge Undecided on Relevance of Yale Evidence in Kirkland Shooting Case

The judge who will preside over the trial of Jabrai Jordan Copney announced his intention yesterday to separate into a different trial the charges pertaining to Copney’s involvement in an earlier armed robbery, but to allow evidence of that incident in the Kirkland case.

With Case File Impounded by Court, Status of Jiggetts’ Plea Remains Unclear

While one defendant implicated in the 2009 murder in Kirkland House pleaded guilty Thursday and a second is set to go to trial next week, the status of Blayn Jiggetts, the third man accused of the crime, remains unclear because his case file has been impounded by a Superior Court judge.

Defense Contests Charges Against Smith

A judge is currently considering whether former Harvard student Brittany J. Smith can legally be tried for her involvement in the May 2009 Kirkland shooting, despite the non-prosecution agreement she signed in July 2009.

Accomplice in Kirkland Shooting Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter

Jason Aquino, one of the individuals charged in the killing of Justin Cosby in May 2009, pleaded guilty to manslaughter, armed robbery, and misleading a grand jury.

Alleged Gunman in Harvard Shooting Seeks Dismissal of Charge

The attorney representing Jabrai Jordan Copney—the alleged gunman in the May 2009 Kirkland House shooting—has filed a series of motions that seek to exclude discussion of an alleged prior crime and evidence that the defense says was inappropriately seized by police.

Prosecutors Allege Pre-Murder 'Drug Rip'

In a prelude to the robbery in Kirkland House that ended in Justin Cosby’s death, alleged gunman Jabrai Jordan Copney and his alleged accomplice Blayn Jiggetts are said to have stolen a large quantity of marijuana from two Yale undergraduates in 2008, according to court documents.

Two Defendants To Face Trial in April; Two Likely To Plead Guilty

As legal proceedings move forward against the four defendants charged with participating in the 2009 killing in the basement of Kirkland House, two defendants plan to plead guilty while the two others—the man who allegedly pulled the trigger and the Harvard student who is charged with aiding the murderers—are set to stand trial next month.

Killing Suspects To Plead Guilty

Blayn Jiggetts and Jason Aquino—two of the three men implicated in the May 2009 Kirkland House shooting—have made an agreement with prosecutors to plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for cooperating with the district attorney’s office.

Two Men Admit to Participation in '09 Kirkland Shooting

Two of the three men implicated in the May 2009 Kirkland House shooting—have made an agreement with prosecutors to plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for cooperating with the district attorney’s office.

Kirkland Shooting Trial Date Set for April

A final conference was held yesterday before the upcoming April 4 trial of one of the four defendants charged in association with the killing of a Cambridge resident in the basement of Kirkland House in May 2009.

Kirkland Shooting

The Kirkland shooting of Justin Cosby, which took place in May 2009, was perhaps the most memorable event of the past four years.

Kirkland Shooting Suspect Jason Aquino Pleads Not Guilty to Murder Charges

Jason Aquino, 23, one of the three men implicated in the May 2009 Kirkland House shooting, pled not guilty to charges of murder, armed robbery, and intimidation of a juror and was held without bail Tuesday.

Former Harvard Student Indicted on Charges Related to Kirkland Shooting

Brittany J. Smith '09, the former Harvard student implicated in last year's shooting in Kirkland House, pleaded not guilty on accessory and firearms charges during her arraignment on Tuesday.

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