SEAS Dean To Hire Faculty

Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) Dean Cherry A. Murray discussed the future of SEAS during her second “All-Hands Meeting” yesterday afternoon, where she presented plans to tap into the school’s financial reserves to fund continued faculty and staff growth.

Sciences Division

New Cancer Vaccine Developed in Mice

A team of Harvard bioengineers and biologists say that they have developed a cancer vaccine that eradicates melanoma tumors in mice and slows their reoccurrence.

On Campus


Harvard biomedical engineering professor and US Army Major Kit Parker speaks about his second tour of duty and the truths about how the war in Afghanistan is being fought and the challenges the United States faces. The presentation took place yesterday at the School of Engineering and Applied Science.


Army Vet Reflects On War Progress

Newly returned from his second tour in Afghanistan, Professor Kevin “Kit” Parker said yesterday that investments in low-tech fighting methods will offer lasting advantages.