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Managing Stress in the College Process

When it comes to the college process, as a whole, there’s a lot of advice out there that sends the message of “don’t be stressed.” Though well-intentioned, anyone who has guided students through the ins and outs of applying to college (and anyone who has been through the process themselves) can tell you that it’s unrealistic. Feeling stress is as natural a part of this process as boiling water is for the process of making pasta. Helping kids manage that stress, however, is a totally different kettle of fish and we’re here to provide some tips to help you help them handle the heat.

Score at the Top Paintbrushes
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Here’s the Magic Formula for Writing a Perfect College Application Essay

College essay writing tips from Judi Robinovitz, Certified Educational Planner at Score At The Top Learning Centers & Schools

Harvard Yard

10 Successful Medical School Essays The Crimson dissects ten successful medical school essays.

The Crimson dissects ten successful medical school essays. {sponsor prefix="sponsored by" link="" name="" image= 1338696}{sponsor prefix="sponsored by" link="" name="AdmitRx" image= 1338695}{sponsor prefix="sponsored by" link="" name="Atlas Consulting " image= 1338694}{sponsor prefix="sponsored by" link="" name="EFIIE Consulting" image= 1338693}{sponsor prefix="sponsored by" link="" name="MedEdits" image= 1338722}

Apply to the Ingenuity Awards!
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Harvard Innovation Labs is Giving Out $10,000 to Students to Support Their Ideas

Harvard Innovation Labs invites you to apply to the Ingenuity Awards!

Gmelius Seize the Day
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A Day in The Life With Gmelius

With Gmelius it’s possible to seize every day, no matter how busy you might be.

Step Up Your Summer

Step Up Your Summer With These Awesome Programs! From one Harvard student to another, don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities!

From one Harvard student to another, don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities!

DigiByte Cryptoeconomics
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A Novel Way to Invest in Providers

Jacob A. Keteyian details the opportunity that digital assets might afford health systems by raising reimbursements for provider.  This is a thought exercise on how to complement traditional payment avenues, not replace them.


What are you doing over break? The Harvard Innovation Labs want your best idea in their innovation competition!

The President’s Innovation Challenge is a call to action, innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s a challenge to the entire Harvard community of students and postdocs to turn their ideas and solutions to real-life problems – big and small – into real-world ventures.

Digibyte Coin

The Crypto Focused on Community

DigiByte is Making Waves on the Public Health and Humanity Front

House of Cards Claire Underwood

Claire Hale Underwood: From Pennypacker Hall to Pennsylvania Avenue

On May 22, 1987, a young Claire Hale stepped up to the podium to address a crowd of her Harvard classmates in Tercentenary Theatre. Thirty one years later, she now steps up to address the nation as its first female president and commander-in-chief.

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Dating App Pickable for Women Who Want to Date Without Sacrificing Privacy

The new dating app that will change the online dating game. Women browse anonymously — No picture, no age, and no name required.

Lucy Benton
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The Secrets of Writing an Essay to Get to the Ivy League

How to write a superb college application essay to increase your chances of getting accepted to an Ivy.

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The Fight For Your Information

Cryptography and Digital Identification

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Pachinko, The Unheard Stories of Korean Immigrants

Min Jin Lee discusses her motivations and future plans for her trilogy, "The Koreans."

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Expanding Medical Research in Boston through Crowdsourced Blood Donations

Leukolab Quincy, a local cell donation center, is encouraging local communities to become involved in biotech research.