‘Life in Color’ Review: A Charming Look at the Role Color Plays on Earth

There’s the iconic and well-known face, the beautiful landscape, and the subjects of the show itself — in many ways, “Life in Color” establishes itself in the tradition of Attenborough’s other nature documentaries.

Hidden Gems Series: 'Skam'

Showrunner and writer Julie Andem allows her characters to experience challenges and trauma of teenagehood like racist and classist classmates, mental illness, and sexual assault, but always does so with compassion and empathy.

‘Haunted: Latin America’ Review: A Mediocre Attempt at Latin Horror

While the first edition of the series was filled with stunning dramatizations, heart-tugging moments, and edge-of-your-seat horror, the show’s later episodes fail to live up to the expectations set by previous installments.

‘The Irregulars’ Review: Found Family in a Supernatural London

Though it’s clear from the beginning that the show is targeting an audience of young adults, it’s still enjoyable to watch for viewers of all ages and with any relationships to the original Sherlock Holmes series.

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