Hill House Photo

‘The Haunting of Hill House’ Manages to Both Scare and Stir Emotions

A classic plot of a family living inside a house filled with ghosts stretched out into 10 hours is risky, but Flanagan and his committed actors have created something thoroughly gripping, terrifying, and equally refreshing.

Legacies Premiere Photo

‘Legacies’: A Spin-Off of a Spin-Off That Fails to Gain Traction

“Legacies” is an apt title for a show that rides on the coattails of its predecessors and desperately tries to inherit their lucrative formula of moody, unrealistically attractive supernatural beings plus familial issues, along with a heaping serving of convoluted romances.

Crazy Ex–Girlfriend Season 4 Premiere Photo

Like its Protagonist, ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ is Brilliantly Ridiculous

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is taking the risk of leaning in to the full range of its self-destructive protagonist, in all of her morally questionable, even near-fatal decisions.

Titans Ep. 3 Photo

In 'Origins,' 'Titans' Starts to Get the Gang Together

Viewers of the show who yearn for the team’s unification can look forward to a promising continuation as the characters increasingly cross paths with each other and Raven’s past has now been well established.

SFAH still

‘Salt Fat Acid Heat’ Is Human-Scale Cooking

No matter how fed up one has become with the Netflix content machine, “Salt Fat Acid Heat” is hard to hate.

Titans Ep. 2 Photo

‘Titans’ Episode Two ‘Hawk and Dove’: Still Melodramatic, But Worth the Watch

The second episode of "Titans" continues to add complexity to this plot in an engaging manner that is captivating in spite of of the cheesy dialogue.

Romanoffs Photo

‘The Romanoffs’ Delivers Despite a Poor Ending

The premiere of “The Romanoffs” is tonally inconsistent with a weak ending, but it makes up for its shortcomings with strong performances, especially by Aaron Eckhart and Marthe Keller.

Pod Save America Photo

The ‘Pod’ Has Come to Save America

Transitioning from a podcast to a TV show, “Pod Save America” puts a new spin on politics for a new audience.

Big Mouth Season 2 Photo

‘Big Mouth’ Season Two Entertains and Educates

“Big Mouth” unflinchingly shows the pimple-filled, hormone-laden journey through adolescence that every child makes while educating and reassuring along the way that there is no one way through puberty and this show makes that clear.

Camping Premiere Photo

HBO’s ‘Camping’ Will Make You Want to Stay Home

“Camping” commits the cardinal sin of serialized comedy: It isn't funny.

Star Wars Resistance Photo

‘Star Wars Resistance’ An Enjoyable, Youthful Take on the Star Wars Universe

The show refreshingly leads the audience on another untold story in the ever-expanding Star Wars universe.

Titans Premiere Photo

‘Titans’: The Live-Action Superhero Series We All Needed

The pilot episode of “Titans” largely exceeds expectations of the average superhero show.

Charmed Photo CW

‘Charmed’ is Cheesy yet Progressive Fun

The “Charmed” reboot is certainly a cheesy mess, but enjoyable nonetheless.

FBI Photo

'FBI' is More of the Same from Dick Wolf

“FBI" has all the elements of a quintessential Dick Wolf show.

The Cool Kids

‘The Cool Kids’ is Fresh, But Not Funny

Premiering on Fox this fall, ‘The Cool Kids’ ultimately falls short of a quality pilot, lacking an interesting plot and consistently clever comedy.