‘Love, Victor’ Plays It Too Safe

Despite the writers’ best attempts in the first episode, “Love, Victor” never manages to shake off the shortcomings of the original film. It feels too — in a word — safe.

In Its Premiere, ‘Mrs. America’ is the Phyllis Schlafly Nostalgia Piece Nobody Needs

“Mrs. America” is impressively acted and designed. Its competence, however, can’t save it from the filmmakers’ alienating eagerness to find the likable qualities in Schlafly, ignoring the real damage she did.

‘Normal People’ Gives a Remarkable Portrait of Class Conscious Love

In a way, Rooney’s unique style makes her characters embody one organism: It is as if they give up their souls to be part of a Sally Rooney Leviathan. In the show, Connell and Marianne are clearly cut from the same cloth, but their individual perspectives are emphasized.

An Absolutely Wonderful Thing: ‘Parks and Recreation’ Returns for Quarantine Reunion

For a Parks and Rec virgin, I’m sure the special was reasonably enjoyable. For anyone who’s watched the show in its entirety — or in my case, five times over — it was an endless barrage of nostalgia-tapping references, jokes, and guest appearances.

One Big, Sweaty, Tired ‘Survivor’ Family

Nothing is more thrilling to us, the viewers, than an increasing sense of collective control over the game. It’s less a power struggle than a strong-willed crew of fans, players, and producers growing together into a real “Survivor” family where we get the kids on weekends.

‘Tiger King’: The Too-Crazy-To-Be-True Cure For Quarantine Boredom

With much of the country stuck inside, Exotic, his larger-than-life crew of misfit employees, and his charismatic rivals offer exactly what viewers are looking for: an immersive world that, despite being nonfiction, is even more unbelievable than the one we live in.

Missing Sports

What media outlets cannot possibly compensate for is the fact that sports are more than just reliable. They are communal and, especially in times of crisis, inspiring.

Relationships are Built and Broken on the 40th Premiere of ‘Survivor’

The gameplay this season promises to be cutthroat. The $2 million cash prize — now the largest grand prize in reality show history —  seems to be a major factor.

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