April 20, 2023

Volume XXXIV, Issue IX

Editor's Note

Dear Reader, April showers, May flowers. Or so they say. Well, I’ve violently sneezed myself awake every morning this month, so I’m praying that the flowering will be over soon. But it’s too easy to wish for something to be over and miss it as soon as it’s gone. I know I’ll miss looking at the pink buds on the apple tree just outside my window almost as much as I’ll miss joining our writers, editors, designers, and photographers every week to produce our little magazine. But hey, at least we’ll get some sleep soon enough. This issue’s long-awaited scrutiny is a podcast! JKW and MMFW examine the Unabomber, or rather, the stories we tell about the Unabomber. The Unabomber — or should we say, Ted Kaczynski — entered Harvard College at the tender age of 16. There has been a multitude of “origin stories” that point to his participation in a psychological study at Harvard as the reason for his crimes — some point even earlier, to when he was hospitalized at just nine months old. Regardless, Ted’s manifesto, and the violence he used to back it up, has become fodder for dark corners of the internet — like Amazon. Give it a listen to hear JKW and MMFW interview Ted’s brother, next-door neighbor, and a plethora of experts on the subject all puzzling over the mystery of Ted’s many narratives. RCA and KIS deliver a scrutling about the impact of Harvard rolling back its Covid restrictions and how it has led to confusion and disruption in students’ lives. They cite medical research, illustrating how the pandemic is still alive and well and how it continues to have major health impacts, even on the young and healthy. Moreover, they examine how the University, by distancing itself from pandemic-era Covid prevention measures, has contributed to the rhetoric that diminishes the danger of getting Covid. SSL writes about Embedded Ethics in Computer Science, which hopes to encourage Harvard CS students to think more ethically, but may fall short of its goal. YSG and KZS write about Cambridge’s 35-year friendship with one of its sister cities, Yerevan, Armenia. MEW and MTB revisit Tasty Diner (you know, that diner that Matt Damon takes Minnie Driver to in “Good Will Hunting?) and talk to old diner-goers eager to share their colorful memories about the Harvard Square staple. RCG and CJK provide captions for a photo essay, shot by AE and LT, about the Universal Design playground in Danehy Park, built intentionally for children and visitors of all ages and abilities. RHDN, RR, and YSG write about the jewel of Harvard’s Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments: the Grand Orrery. It has just recently been reassembled after being taken apart for study, and it has a lot to teach us, and not just about lunar phases. JEK and SG write about Bow & Arrow Press and the community that has gathered around it in both celebration and sadness as the press’ operations come to a close after 45 years of working out of the Adams basement. SD provides a 15 Questions interview with Orlando Patterson about his experience advising the Jamaican Prime Minister, his research on the sociology of slavery, and his childhood. OGP brings us a trio of levities. Your least favorite person in your social studies tutorial — aka The Harvard Man — might be having some trouble adjusting socially, so he goes to see a therapist. Cookie Monster visits HBS to give a lecture: “C is for Capitalism.” And a Harvard student bravely takes off their headphones and confronts the sounds of Harvard, totally unfiltered. NHS and RYZ round off the levities for this issue with a look into a rather unusual game of assassins, where the animals around campus are participating. SS draws a comic capturing the ordeal that is traveling by T. Be sure to check out this week’s crossword by MEG! TS brings us a fantastic endpaper about how she is always late, whether it be going to lecture or deciding on her career plans. Ultimately, she finds, there may be some upshots to the lateness. Thank you to FSZ for the amazing podcast production, diligent editing, and kindness! Thanks to JH for the podcasting help and JJG for the long long hours of transcript proofing — you guys work too hard. Thank you to SS, SET, SCS, MHS, MQ, JH and JJG for the maestro fun this semester. Special thanks to SET for answering our frantic texts about glossy layout and for your endless patience. Thank you to BLK and MX for proofing magic and staying with us through this protracted podcasting process (and protracted proofing semester). IYG — what would I do without you? Thank you for proofing, editing, and Googling Indesign tips in the wee hours with me. Let’s go Warriors!* *I do not follow basketball, no one follow up on this with me. FM Love, AHL & IYG