When We Return: Hope for a New Harvard

Get Off Track

Be a big fish in a small pond. While you may have been one of thousands of Ivy League grads to end up in New York, you may be one of the only ones in your hometown (or wherever you're waiting out quarantine).

A Letter From Harvard’s Faculty Deans to the Class of 2020

As the semester now winds down, we wish for so much for all of you: good health and safety, first and foremost, but also meaningful work, moments of joy and fun, and friendships that nurture and enlarge you.

We Can Go Farther Together

As the graduating Class of 2020 leaves Harvard, they enter a world where they can make a different choice. They can choose to work together, to embrace knowledge from, and create knowledge with partners from around the world.

Dear Young, Ambitious, Harvard Grads

Forward, bottom, unfair, talent: these concepts blend together and erode over time. I’m just glad I’ve found something I want to do.

At the End of the World, Where is Harvard?

If Harvard took a side in every fight that ever came up, it would be endlessly distracting. But the end of the world isn’t like that. The end of the world is different.

The Early Curveball

Maybe your opportunity is now — to try something new, to pick up some skills, to pause and think, to be part of this historical moment (perhaps the biggest of our generation).

Health Disparities Close to Home

We need to continue to come together as one medical, public health, and scientific community, not only to respond to the moment – but to pay attention to what we are learning and be ready for what comes next.

To The Fortunes of Tomorrow For the Unfortunate of Today

Try and look at the world as something of a tabula rasa, malleable and primed for the visions of youth to bring about a more perfect future. And the vision doesn't have to be big.