Arts Highlights

Over at the Arts Board, we're featuring 10 stories that showcase what we think is at the heart of Harvard life: art (broadly defined, of course) and the artists that make it. Read on for features on groundbreaking new arts spaces, conversations with Harvard artists, celebrated revivals of pre-pandemic traditions, and more from campus and beyond.

The Black Arts Collective: The Students Creating Space for Black Arts on Campus

Reimagining a Korean Folktale, Julia Riew ’22 Finds A Part of Herself

When crafting her project, Riew was attentive to rendering a more dimensional female protagonist in Shim Cheong — someone who was defined not by her beauty and piety, but rather by her fortitude and conviction.

‘The More You Know’ Preview: A Uniquely Harvard Musical

Based on Levine’s own high school experience, “The More You Know” is a story of self-worth and discovery that rings true for many Harvard students.

From Cannes: ‘Coupez !’ is a Hilariously Layered Love Letter to Filmmaking

Because of its complicated premise, the structure of “Coupez !” requires audiences to stick with its bizarre first act in order to fully understand its comedic goal — but the wait is well worth it.

From Coachella: Maggie Rogers Delivers a Vocal Masterclass

One day before her 28th birthday, indie icon Maggie Rogers gifted her audience with forty-five minutes of pure vocal perfection.

From Boston Underground Film Festival: ‘Honeycomb’ Is a Sunny Exploration Into the Darkness of Freedom

Avalon Fast’s “Honeycomb” successfully depicts the dark nature of friendship dynamics with an engaging plot, robust cinematography, and powerful score, despite a lack of poignant dialogue.

Carmen Maria Machado’s Reading Dives Into the Queer, the Sexy, and the Apocalyptic

Within the dystopian world of “A Bright and Fearful Star” — told in the confines of Barker’s austere Plimpton room — were tales rich with queer intimacy and raw desire.

Spanish 150 Students Curate Exhibit on Migration in Boylston Hall

The exhibit attempts to parse through the perpetual “bombardment of images” we consume regarding migration, according to Raquel Vega-Durán, who chairs the Faculty Advisory Committee for Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights.