February 18, 2021

Volume XXXII, Issue II

Editor's Note

Dear Reader, Happy Year of the Metal Ox! This week we bring to you a stunning collection of reported pieces, personal essays, and art. That’s right, we’re thrilled to announce three inaugural works in the new “Vision” content category, which will feature poetry, short fiction, visual art of all kinds, and more. Stay tuned for more in future issues. For everyone separated from Cambridge but interested in what’s going on, SWF reports on-the-scene from two new restaurants in the Square, one fully automated and one hyper-local, and finds surprising similarities between their approaches. A little further away from campus, in Boston, MVE brings you alongside her in a beautifully written piece as she experiences a guided walking play through the city. Meanwhile, FJB attends “Coleslaw’s Corner,” a digital event in which the Drag queen Coleslaw has science-related conversations — in this case, for Valentine’s day, about aphrodisiacs. And in the alumni world: SPM interviews a recent graduate who is helping turn the Cleveland Browns around through sports statistics, and SSI and JSA profile sujatha baliga, who has dedicated her life to restorative justice practices and community healing. AVM rounds out this week’s content with a moving endpaper, meditating on linguistic and cultural gaps and how performance can help bridge them. In the Vision category, we have two lovely illustrations from VX that explore form and color through natural imagery, as well as a Lunar New Year-themed design from TRM. Anchoring the issue is RLL’s thorough, thoughtful, and necessary deep dive into the nine year organizing of Our Harvard Can Do Better, a group working to support and improve resources for survivors of sexual assault on campus and dismantle rape culture. We learn about the complex negotiation between personal interpretations of justice and more general mediation structures, the promise and pitfalls of institutional responses like Title IX — as well as more spontaneous and disorganized ones, like social media — and the incredible amount of labor student activists have put into this fight for years. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand Harvard, Title IX, and how the world is moving forward in its reckoning with sexual harassment and assault both on college campuses and at large. Take this weekend to jump into these stories — some you can snuggle up to, and some will make you sit a bit straighter. Until next time, and with love, OGO+MNW