February 24, 2022

Volume XXXIII, Issue III

Editor's Note

Dear reader, If you thought Twosday was a momentous occasion, we’re about to one-up it — quite literally. Introducing Volume XXXIII, Issue III of our magazine, featuring 3×3 fantastic articles for your reading pleasure. This week, SM talked to our favorite dining hall swiper about his recent transfer and discovered, much to our relief, that you can take John out of Annenberg, but you can’t take the Berg out of John. JKW allowed us to vicariously experience this year’s Black Legacy Ball, the buzzy and exclusive event for which snagging a ticket is a feat in itself. DRZ interviewed a Harvard psychiatrist whose digital curriculum is empowering ordinary people to bring mental health care skills into their communities. CY left us incredibly jealous of the students heading to England to discuss life’s big questions through the Oxford Vivarium program. WSH reveled in the irony of the new Art of Banksy exhibit in Harvard Square, which is part anti-capitalist art exhibit, part gift shop selling $80 umbrellas. xXx_FJB_xXx belted out her angst to live renditions of nostalgic punk hits at Emo Night Karaoke in Central. EAG went all the way to Mattapan to attend Tickle Me Tuesday, a weekly comedy night that’s uplifting Boston’s Black community through laughter. Triple-threat writer/scientist/amateur gardener TMB wrote a gorgeous endpaper about her brown thumb, climate anxiety, and optimism and responsibility in the face of the apocalypse. In our cover story, FYH and TCK report on the challenges facing Harvard’s non-tenure-track faculty, the instructors who carry out a large part of the College’s educational mission but receive little in return. Lecturers and preceptors must balance their teaching, research, and personal obligations for lower pay, fewer benefits, and less respect than their tenure-track colleagues — all the while knowing that regardless of these efforts, they’ll be forced to leave the University in a few short years. They’re calling for change, and Tess and Felicia have done an amazing job of amplifying their voices. Three cheers for our wonderful execs, especially MX and HRTW for helping our compers start pitching and reporting (!!) and SWF for bringing us together, looking pinker than usual but pretty as always, at our first social. Also big thanks to PCZ, defender of cottage food businesses, AGW, JH, and the rest of Multimedia. To MH, who stayed up till 3 a.m. to save our scrut header, SS, MHS, and everyone else on Design. To JGG, for proofing our stories and disa-proving our levity pitches. And to JFA, KL, and MVE, a trio who make all things more fun. Hip hip hurray, SSL & MVE